Thinking About Pakistan in Buenos Aires

Posted on August 31, 2010
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Aisha Sarwari I was in Buenos Aires recently attending a conference. During the daily commute to the conference venue I couldn’t help but be taken by the city’s grandeur, beauty and its ‘first world’ feel. Inquiring on their struggle with democracy, international pressures and the fear of being overshadowed by neighboring Brazil, the country’s similarity […]

Beyond Self-Flagellation: We Need Government, Stupid

Posted on August 30, 2010
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Mosharraf Zaidi (This article was first published in The News. The cartoon is by Feica and was published in Dawn.) There is a lot of criticism of the Pakistani discourse that relates to ideology and identity. If you question drone attacks, there are those that will immediately label you a Taliban-supporter. If you question Pakistan’s […]

Adil Najam With England already in a commanding lead in the Third Test match, Pakistan seems set to lose the game as well as the series to hosts England. But at least some of the Pakistan team may already have lost their dignity and any respect their fans had for them given the explosive allegations […]