A Poem on Pakistan Floods: ae rukh-e-sailaab

Posted on August 20, 2010
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Shahran Asim

Khalid Irfan – a Urdu poet from New York (see here and here) sends his latest poem on the floods of Pakistan.

8 responses to “A Poem on Pakistan Floods: ae rukh-e-sailaab

  1. Somaiyah says:

    After watching what we ‘Pakistanis’ did to two brothers in Sialkot, I understood the rationale behind this flood.I fact I think Allah is extremely merciful and forgiving.this flood is nothing.What we deserve is total annihilation.Why???coz we can no longer be counted among human race.we r just a big blob of trash which should be wiped off of the face of earth.I felt thoroughly ashamed of my nationality after watching the video of street justice being handed out in Sialkot.SHAME ON PAKISTANIS.SHAME ON ALL OF US

  2. mustafa says:

    This nation deserves wrath of ALLAH, seriously, what happened last week in Sialkot, i am afraid mighty Allah will send far much bigger and worst disasters to this country.

  3. Vinnie says:

    Poetic Translation of the plight of the flood affectees and Pakistan. Great Work…

  4. Mohammed Amjad says:

    Like the last line: “na-iitibaari ka sael-i-rawaan”

  5. Ehtisham says:

    Nice sentiments, although little poetic credit.

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