Posted on October 2, 2010
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39 responses to “Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Wins Emmy for “Children of the Taliban””

  1. Adnan says:

    Taliban have committed 298 suicide bombings, have already claimed 1114 lives and injured a total of 2681 people

    Hey Military dude, even if the numbers are correct then killing is just a micro fraction of people killed by your army in 3 countries. It’s better you preach your own govt NOT to talk with Talibans to save their own pants in Afghanistan rather than lecturing here.

  2. ShahidnUSA says:

    Ms Sharmeen, Good Job! I love women like you.

    Without sounding mean just to let you know that I am sorry everytime I read your comments I get nausiated feelings.
    I really hope the feelings are mutual :)

    I “aint” mean to hurt your feelings.

  3. Lahori, how does an award winning documentary from an accomplished and strong Pakistani woman derive such hostile allegations? Wouldn’t the proper response be to congratulate Sharmeen on exploring the non-ventured dark corners of Pakistani militancy and revealing this menace of underage exploitation and cowardice?

    This documentary achieves much success at revealing a side of Taliban that embarks upon Taliban’s recruitment strategies and the employment of impressionable youth into committing mass murder and suicide attacks for their personal propaganda. Please do perceive, that only within this year Taliban have committed 298 suicide bombings, have already claimed 1114 lives and injured a total of 2681 people. Often enough, maimed head of a barely fourteen or fifteen years old suicide bomber is found at the bombing site. Taliban, thereafter, call media and flaunt these attacks that were conducted by a young boy under insidious manipulation or crippling intimidation. Are the lives of these children any less important because they served some militant group’s half-truths? Despite these exploitive strategies, reasons are sought for Taliban actions and a documentary revealing their methodology is undermined. It is beyond comprehension that an interview from a young boy, who anticipates becoming a suicide bomber and killing hundreds of innocent civilians, can be semi-acceptable to any human being and is discarded as someone else’s responsibility. It’s rather obvious that Taliban’s intently kill anyone and everyone that stands in their way – Pakistani or not, weak or strong, rich or poor, nothing deters the havoc they wreak everywhere and they will use each and every single mean necessary to serve their skewed propaganda, even if it is at the expense of Pakistani youth.

    LCDR William Speaks
    United States Central Command

  4. Adnan says:

    @FK: while you don’t know me(which I assume), you can’t conclude whether I am too concerned about Aafia only. On my blog i have covered various genuine incidents(unlike fake Swat flogging video) like Mukhtaran Mai,the lady doctor who got raped in Balochistan and others so assuming that I am creating hype for this case does not make sense.

    As far as drone attacks go, the drone attacks will go on until Pakistan does something about extremists using Pakistani soil to plan attacks.

    In our society this attitude is called “Beghairti”. Perhaps I am living in era where things like Izzat,Ghairat and self-respect does not make sense. However by your logic, Pakistan should start disturbing India because India had been creating trouble for us for decades and your ‘drone mantra’ will just work to teach them lesson. Pls don’t be more angraiz than genuine angrez that they even start humiliating you.

    that Afia was arrested because she was religious and wore hijab. Who exactly would belive this kind of childish and ridiculous argument (besides people like you)? Are you saying that she was the one religious person in all of Pakistan and she was arrested for that?

    If you quit following Fox/CNN like media then you will realize that there’s a world beyond us. No, Aafia is not the only practiced women who have been sent to USA. If you try to read up papers from 2007-2008, you will find that how Supreme court took suo moto action against Musrraf regime for missing people case. Infact that was the core reason Iftikhar Ch was sacked. Aafia came in news because Yvonne Ridley,a british journalist who was captivated by Talibans and who road famous “In the hands of Taliban” revealed about existence of Aafia in Afghanistan. Do bother yourself to read Riddley’s book and it might help you to get enlightened about things which you usually digest via Western media.

    Anyways, several hundred Pakistanis are prisoned in Gitmo and other jails and they are “terrorists” in the sight of USA because they give priority to the religion than this world which has to end one day.

    sending agents to Pakistan to commit honor killings or throw acid on womens’ faces.

    So your mighty mind is going to blame Talibans for that too? :-)