Great Cricket Can Lead To Great Things, Including Great Art and Comedy

Posted on March 26, 2011
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Adil Najam

It is difficult right now to think or write about anything except cricket. I tried. I really did. I failed.

Good can, and does, come out of sports; and especially an unexpectedly brilliant sports performance. Of coruse, bad can also come from the same. We do not yet know what will come out of Mohali, Chandigarh, in the World Cup 2011 Semi-Final between India and Pakistan. But as one think of what might, I am immediately drawn back to April 18, 1986, to another India-Pakistan match, and to a performance that I have earlier wondered could be Pakistan’s greatest cricket moment ever.

What came out of it, you ask. If you were in Pakistan at that time or in the days and weeks after that, you would not ask. A glow of confidence, goodwill and pride that is, well, priceless. But if you insist, here is something else that came out of it: great art and great humor. Bushra Ansari in a parody of Salma Agha on Miandad’s chakka. Priceless.

So, I keep on wondering what will come out of this Semi-Final – and of this Semi-Final. Whoever wins, I hope the result will be thoughts that are good and memories that are pleasant.

13 responses to “Great Cricket Can Lead To Great Things, Including Great Art and Comedy”

  1. Qassim says:

    OH, what a memory. That was such an amazing moment.

  2. readinglord says:

    What good do you think can come out from the play of this cricket mafia?


    Inshaallah history will repeat itself,our team playing with great spirit ,telent and confident.Dua kre ALLAH TAALA najre bd aur sr de inhe mehfooz rakhay apne amman may rakhkhay AAMEEN aap sb kahe SUMMA AAMEEN

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