Miandad + Salma Agha + Bushra Ansari = Hilarious

Posted on December 21, 2006
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Adil Najam

Earlier we had done a post on Javed Miandad’s memorable sixer off the very last ball of the match against India at Sharjah in 1986, which clinched the game for Pakistan. We had also included a video of that last over in the post.

During the discussion, a number of comments recalled how Javed Miandad was literally showered with money and gifts as a result of this feat, how Tauseef Ahmad (who was his last partner on the crease) got little or nothing and a policeman’s baton to boot, and also how an equally famous comic song on the incident was sung by Bushra Ansari.

Well, we did manage to find the song for you. Enjoy!

Bushra Ansari, of course, is one of the most versatile of PTV performers; remarkable both for her humourous and serious acting and a very good singer too. This may well be her single best remembered performance.It was done as part of Anwar Maqsood’s classic show Showtime and is a parody of singer Salma Agha’s famous song ‘humm jaisay kahaN tum ko qadardaan milaiN gay.’ Of course, in this paroday version, it turns into ‘Ik chikkay kay Javed to sou lakh milaiN gay.’

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  4. Qausain says:

    Javeed Miandad ki batting hay nirali,
    ArbooN say bhi us nay wahan aik car urra le,

    Aik chakay kay Javeed ko soo lakh milay gey,
    Tauseef be-charay ko Dirham aath milaiN gey…

  5. adnan khan says:


    main adnan khan agar salma agha say bara hota tu main salma agha say shaadi zarroor karta kyoonkay i liked.

    magar main unsay chota hoon i m just 22.


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