Naai: Much More Than a Haircut

Posted on June 3, 2008
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Naai. Barber. Hajjam. Khalifa. Hair stylist. They are very different things in Pakistan. All delightful.

Bilal Zuberi A few weeks ago I organized an academic panel discussion on global climate change and the impact on Pakistan. The speakers were leaders in the field of climate change and sustainable development, and provided a crisp account of the short and long term threats that developing countries such as Pakistan faced in the […]

Train tickets can now be bought at Post-offices

Posted on September 8, 2007
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Bilal Zuberi The bureaucracy and agencies of the government, as slow and tedious as they may be, should still get credit when they attempt to do something to make lives easier for the citizens. For example, we have praised PTCL in the past for providing an online service to pay phone/electric/gas utility bills online. Now […]