Woes of Islamabad Traffic Police

Posted on December 1, 2009
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Deeda-e-Beena There goes another much touted institution – the pride of Islamabad. The letter T for Traffic regulation and smooth flow are disappearing with the replacement of their founder boss-T for Officer Taimuri. Initial M for its new boss and for collection of Money in Fines appears to be its credo now. When the people […]

The Hillary Show

Posted on November 3, 2009
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Deeda-e-Beena The extremely well choreographed show is over and the performer is returning in the comfort of her dressing room in the air, with satisfaction writ all over. Indeed it was a command performance amply facilitated by the traditional Pakistani fervour and hospitality. Hillary is a talent of all seasons and all occasions. Her just […]

Deeda-e-Beena The entire discussion on the so called Kerry-Lugar aid package has hardly touched on its most important aspects: The Money and its “development” Aid implications for the People! Much has been said about the political, nationalistic and mostly circumstantial aspects of this event. Here views are expressed to focus on a few of the […]