Iqbal’s Heidelberg; Heidelberg’s Iqbal

Posted on April 15, 2010
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Fawad For a few years now I have worked for a European company headquartered near Heidelberg in Germany so I have had an opportunity to visit this lovely, historic city several times. Heidelberg is a beautiful town located on the banks of the river Neckar which originates in the Black Forest and flows into the […]

Majeed Amjad: The Poet Less Remembered

Posted on December 13, 2009
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Fawad In the post-Iqbal era of Urdu poetry there are few greater poets than Majeed Amjad (this is a link to a short bio of him in Wikipedia that I wrote and I would love readers familiar with his work to add to it). Yet, he may also be amongst the most under-recognized and under-appreciated […]

Khan Sahib Mehdi Hassan: The Sound of Perfection

Posted on November 29, 2009
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Fawad The music of Khan Sahib Mehdi Hassan Khan has been the backdrop to my own life as well as of so many music enthusiasts in Pakistan. Cliche as it might sound, there is no one – and i mean no one – who is in the same league as Mehdi Hassan. Just as Noor […]