Uncle Urfi: A PTV Blockbuster

Posted on January 15, 2011
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Raju Jamil PTV Karachi center was tense. There were no value scripts that it would take stakes on. Frustration led to an urgent meeting among stake holders and Hasina Moin was asked or rather ordered to write something up as soon as possible to overcome the gloom and drought prevailing at PTV Karachi. Hasina had […]

Raju Jamil I remember my first ever rail journey from Karachi to Rawalpindi in 1958 enroute to Murree for our summer vacations. Our entrouge included my daadi amman (grand-mother), my mother, brothers and sisters and our family servant Farid Khan. We were to travel by Tezrao in a inter-class coach which had wooden seating for […]

Cecil Hotel Murree and the movie ‘armaan’

Posted on January 19, 2010
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Raju Jameel From our story on Cricket’s Heartbreak hotel we will now take you to Murree’s Cecil Hotel, which has been instrumental in bringing together many hearts in Pakistan whether it be movies or the real life. It is said that Cecil Hotel, located at Mount View Road Murree was a summer retreat of a […]