Pakistan Frees Kashmir Singh: Reaches India After 34 Years

Posted on March 4, 2008
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Owais Mughal
Kashmir Singh An Indian national who was languishing in Pakistani jails for the past 34 years has been released on March 3, 2008. He was granted amnesty by the President of Pakistan. Amid a festive and emotional ceremony, he crossed the border into India today (March 4, 2008) and got reunited with his family. In my opinion this is a good humanitarian gesture by the Pakistani Government and should go a long way in upholding human rights and highlighting the plight of prisoners in both countries. Kashmir Singh‘s wife Pramjeet Kaur and their two sons received him at the Wagah border.

Kashmir SinghWe hope both countries ascertain the cases of more prisoners like him in their respective jails and those who are found languishing without trials for long time should be freed.
According to Dawn news of March 4, 2008:

Kashmir Singh was released from the Kot Lakhpat Central Jail on the orders of the President of Pakistan who granted him amnesty on an appeal of federal caretaker Minister for Human Rights Ansar Burni. According to the petition filed for his release by Mr Burni, he was arrested in 1973 on spying charges. He belongs to Hoshiarpur in Indian Punjab and has three children. Mr Singh will be handed over to the Indian authorities on Tuesday at the Wagah border. Mr Singh thanked the President and Mr Burni for his release and called for regular prisoner exchanges between India and Pakistan.

According to a news excerpt from Daily News

The minister Ansar Burni stated, “I request that Kashmir Singh who has already spent 34 long years in a death cell be released. We cannot give him two sentences, he has already spent 34 years behind the bars, and he should not be hanged but released to spend his remaining days with his family who he has not seen in all this long time. He is at present in Kot Lakhpat jail Lahore and waiting to see a free world soon.” This will also show to the people of India that our NGOs and we the Government of Pakistan are willing to release even those who they did not know about, Burney concluded.

Chronology of Events:

Kashmir Singh used to be a police constable in Amritsar. He was arrested in Pakistani city of Rawalpindi and remained detained in Pakistan since 1974. He was convicted and sentenced to death by the Court of Field General Court Martial, Commanding Officer 40 Field Regiment Artillery, Lahore Cantonment on April 8, 1977. The then President of Pakistan dismissed his mercy petition on March 14, 1978. He remained in the death cell for nearly 34 long years and in this time he never received a single visitor.

On March 3, 2008 Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice disposed of a petition seeking release of Indian prisoner Kashmir Singh, as the federal government’s law officer informed the court that President of Pakistan had already accepted his (Singh) mercy petition.


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  1. rizwan says:

    shame on u pakistani government sharam ka muqam he dollars me payment khao or ek murderer ko zinda chor do

    sharam hai to marjao keechar me paani me nahi

  2. Adnan says:

    Irony is that coward Liberal champs have no courage to make a seperate post about Khalid Mehmood because they know that if they do this, their “liberalism” will get screwed up since their Lord Ashoka will get pissed.

  3. zia m says:

    Our incompetent leadership did not have the moral courage to receive Khalid’s dead body.
    Live with Talat devoted one hour regarding his torture and death at the hands of Indian authorities.It is worth watching will be on Aaj tv at 7pm est.

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @Jamal Bhai,

    why don’t you understand? Ansar Burney is a “caretaker”
    minister, there is great difference between a care-taker, &
    care-giver, care-snatcher, care-killer, and care-free,
    you dig ??
    wanted to say a qat’a on this mauzu, but very
    discouraged and disappointed by ATP

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