‘GanDeri’ in English?

Posted on July 2, 2009
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Adil Najam

What is the most appropriate word for ‘GanDeri’ in English?

I have puzzled over this for long and asked a number of friends. In fact, this is a re-post of the question I had posed at this blog 3 years ago. The best I got was ‘sugarcane cut-piece’; where ‘cut-piece’ is itself a peculiar Pakistani-ism, if not Pinglish.

Do you have a better suggestion?

35 responses to “‘GanDeri’ in English?”

  1. Mir alam khan says:

    We call it Billets.

  2. eric says:

    Hor ganay choopo, is a famous Punjabi story. Where a couple of friends were trying to come up with an idea of how to be rich (just like sheik chilli key mansoobay).

  3. ahsan says:

    @Adil. If you are acting cute by getting puzzled over this, thats another matter. English has adapted a lot of words from other lanuguages. Evn Izat has made it to the dictionary. So ganderi will remain ganderi . ANyways nice try acting cute.

  4. mubarak says:

    sugar cane nibbles

  5. Memoona Rizvi says:

    Yes, I think v can devise one like peeled and chopped sugarcane.

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