Picture of the Day: Where is this?

Posted on July 25, 2006
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It is quite clear — and totally understandable — that the poor ganDerri or gaNNa (sugarcane) does not elicit the type of interest or reaction that, for example, aam (mango) does.

But let me stick with the topic just one more day. This is partly because I really like ganDerri at least as much as aam. Call me pedestrian or proletarian. A ganDerri is a poor man’s fruit, so it meshes well with my ideological leanings; more so than the more aristocratic aam. I think of the ganDeri as a’wonder fruit’: just throw water over it and it becomes juicier than it ever was!

But I am willing to respect your tastes, if you promise to do the same.

For now, however, I have a different quetsion from the one posed yesterday.

Can you guess where this picture was taken? Where is pehalwan saab selling his gannay ka rass (sugarcane juice)?

I realize this is not easy to guess unless you know the answer already or do some creative snooping on the Internet. So, let me just say that there are at least two hints imbedded right here. Maybe, someone can identify those too.

18 responses to “Picture of the Day: Where is this?”

  1. apple singh dhaliwal says:

    i like punjab and punjabi

  2. Qasim says:

    what a great pic… I WAS THERE!!!! remember this exactly

  3. javeria says:

    Totally love this blog! everything here has made me miss Pakistan terribly …the ganay ka juice…which in defence was only available at one shop in Gizri , one cud get the juice in a small ‘thailee’ with a straw inserted in the middle and drive away drinking the fresh jucie before it bacame ‘kala’!!!
    Cant wait to go back!

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