Inspiration Pakistan: A Giving People

Posted on April 21, 2010
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Adil Najam

This recent photograph from The News shows Abdul Sattar Edhi, probably the greatest living Pakistani, perched on a wheel-chair, collecting donations on a Karachi roadside to buy 1000 new ambulances. The picture, however, is not just a commentary on the humanity of Mr. Edhi but on the givingness of ordinary Pakistanis. A generosity of spirit that no one under-appreciates as much as Pakistanis themselves.

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19 responses to “Inspiration Pakistan: A Giving People”

  1. Amina says:

    zara namm ho tou yeh matti, bari zarkhez hai saqi

  2. Yasir Qadeer says:

    Edhi is a living and shining example for all Pakistani’s. He is one man who represents the charitable and helping side of Muslims all over the globe. The thing to note here is that the contributions are not made only by the rich but by middle class also. This clearly shows that as a nation we are inclined to help others. We just need more people like Edhi to lead us out of the chaos we are in right now.

  3. ali hamdani says:

    Pakistan is the 2nd country in which there is maximum number of donations made. The people of Pakistan are peace loving, affectionate and have a big heart. Hope the terrorist see this as well and realize that there is no time soon the Pakistanis are giving up. Thumbs up to Eidhi.

  4. Hina Safdar says:

    Hats off to all Pakistanis including Abul Sattar Edhi.
    Hum Zinda qom hain painda qom hain………

  5. Farigh says:

    Rightly said, Edhi is the greatest living Pakistani. But unfortunately, Edhi foundation doesn’t have a decent website through which one can donate without hasle (e.g via PayPal). Is it possible for Pakistaniat to campaigh for it to convince them to add such option? (Of course, its the matter of administration of Edhi Foundation )

  6. Vinnie says:

    Abdul Sattar Edhi is a savior of Humanity. He is a living Legend. May God Bless him in both the Worlds and all those people who are donating or working for Him !

    These are the people we should be Proud of…

  7. Watan Aziz says:

    The generosity of Pakistani people who have the least is incomparable. They will offer you their most, their best, their all.

    If you are lost, they will walk the mile with you to the nearest road.

    If you are hungry, they will offer all the food they have.

    If you are tired, they will offer you their best charpai, their best beddings.

    They will offer you their best clothes.

    If you need money, well, they will offer you all they can afford.

    If you are buying, they will measure full and then give more.

    And they will make you feel safe and secure.

    But most of all, they will offer you smiles that are miles.

    These are the hard working, honest and decent Pakistanis, who truly define Pakistaniat.

  8. Darweesh says:

    One of very few greats, the nation can feel proud.

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