MNA Asiya Nasir Asks Tough Questions: Who Will Answer Them?

Posted on March 8, 2011
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Adil Najam

Ms. Asiya Nasir – Christian Member National Assembly (MNA), elected on a reserved seat from NA-322 (Balochistan-III) on an MMA (Mutihada Majlis i Amal; a coalition of religious parties) ticket, interestingly with JUI(F) affiliation – made this hard-hitting and courageous speech on the floor of the Pakistan National Assembly on March 4 before leading a token walk-out of minority and other members from the Assembly on the issue of Shahbaz Bhatti’s assassination.

The speech should be listened in full, not just for its heartfelt passion and its cry of pain, but also because no matter how much you think you know about Pakistan, you are bound to learn things you did not know. Asiya Nasir speaks to us not simply as a Minority or Christian MNA, but as a Pakistani. And it is as a Pakistanis that we must respond.

The 30 year old Asiya Nasir – wife of Nasir Masih and mother of a son and two daughters – has much to say and ask that we really have no response or answers to. But we should all be grateful to her for raising her voice as a Pakistani and asking questions that we have ignored – indeed, hidden – for too long. We are better off today because these questions have been asked.

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49 responses to “MNA Asiya Nasir Asks Tough Questions: Who Will Answer Them?”

  1. Gardezi says:

    Bravo. Aliya Nisar. A true Pakistani! Thank you for your strong words. But, was anyone listening!

  2. Sher Ahsan Kamran says:

    Although I am very sorry for the death of Shabaz Bhatti, but I don’t think it should be politicized as a minority targeted atrocity. Every Pakistani is feeling the brunt of terrorism and lawlessness, be it from the so called Taliban or from the governing elite. How many Muslims were gunned down and blown before this incident, how many of us have left the country or are on the verge of doing so. we should not make it an minority issue rather a human and justice issue faced by the whole nation, why do the minorities want to be treated differently on this if they claim to be equals, which I believe they are.

  3. Tilsim says:

    Bravo Asiya! Standing ovation. Spoken as true a Pakistani patriot. Finally a few voices in our political echelons are daring to say what desperately needs to be said.

  4. Nihari says:

    Simple blasphemy….let’s see when the fitwa from the fitna comes.

    by the way there are banners again tehmina durrani’s book blasphemy which was written 8 years back..Finally mulla nay hijjay kar kay parh

  5. Sohail Shah says:

    Bravo , Ms.Asiya Nasir. She raises valid points about treatment of minorities in Pakistan.

  6. Well Said Asiya NAsir !
    My dear its not ur Words only ……. An AHMADI is also SHARING same words & Sentiments with u………..

  7. Musalman says:

    Well said Asiya Nasir
    And you do not have to be a Christian or an Ahmedi to share these words and ideas. Every true Pakistanis do. Only bigots do not!

  8. Aslam says:

    Blasphemy law should be abolished and mullas should be punish for preaching death to kafirs.

  9. Syed Abrar says:

    I am intrigued that she is a JUI member. How does that happen!

  10. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “How i wish this speech came from a Muslim parliamentarian…”
    – ” I am afraid we have moved past a point where than can happen any more.
    Pakistaniat – I dont think we would want to hear the answers to these questions. They will shock us and kill another bit of humanity in us.”
    – “no comments…”
    – “Unfotunately this murder has also got politisied. If a muslim dies it is called as terrorism and if anyone fron minorities dies its called as extremism by muslim and all muslim are being victimised. Lot of people died in past few years but this MNA has choosed only this time to make a speech and raise questions? Where was she at time. This lady or any other sitting in that hall have no right to ask such question because these are the one who are supposed to answer these questions. She should be knowing that wholr nation is the victim of terrorism.”
    – “alah akbar i pray for pakistan people”
    – “”

  11. hm says:

    She’s a courageous woman — I can’t imagine how awful it must be to be a minority in our Godless country.

  12. Ghani says:

    I am glad that she pointed a finger at the govt and their inaction after Taseer murder. Govt and people reaction to that has made things worse.

  13. Humaira says:

    Yes, what she says is right. But the question is now WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT
    That is th question and I am despearately looking for answers.

  14. Sajjad Junaidi says:

    Literally my head was hung in shame and had tears in my eyes while listening to her speech. I wish I was there in person to say sorry to her and through her to every other Pakistani who feels insecure in their own country be it Muslim or Non-Muslim.

    I’m not surprised by Asiya’s daughter’s reaction. My cousin had the same reaction when he was released recently from kidnappers after two weeks and payment of ransom.

    As Adil mentioned, there was a lot to learn too about our own history which has been conveniently taken out of the curriculum.

  15. ShahidnUSA says:

    She spoke well!
    I am glad more and more women are coming out in Pakistan and speaking up and are not hesitating to get attention.

    I dont care which community they belong to, they are shaping up a very backward country (No thanks to Mullahs), taking charge, improving the image and pushing back the ‘domination’ of the special interest, whether it is West , Saudi Arabia, Politicians or of their own Tribal men.

  16. Kafir Per Pakistani Law says:

    @ Humaira:

    Sister you wrote:
    “Humaira says:March 8th, 2011 3:57 am Yes, what she says is right. But the question is now WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT
    That is th question and I am despearately looking for answers.”

    I have a suggestion:
    Pakistani people need to correct and repeal the article in its 1973 constitution which is based on WRONG basis. Unless we correct the basis of Pakistani constitution, we cannot correct its articles, we cannot correct laws of Pakistan based on its constitution, and we finally cannot correct the Pakistanis behaviors and their thoughts and mindset. Please visit the following link to see how Pakistani Islamic Scholar Javed Ahmad Ghamidi sahib is pointing out the WRONG basis of all the troubles in Pakistan. mad-ghamidi-sahib-on-hazrat-mirza-ghulam-ahmad-sah ib/#comments

    Personal Disclosure:
    I hold belief that:
    1-There is no God but Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (SAWS) WAS HIS LAST AND GREATEST PROPHET.
    2-No new or old prophet can come after Rasul Allah SAWS.
    3-I consider all reciters of Kalima-Shahada as Muslims.
    4-I do NOT belong to Qadiani organization headed by their Khalifa residing in England, that holds belief that thousands of prophets can come after Rasul Allah SAWS (nauzubilah), but they will only come in their Qadiani organization.

  17. Nusrat says:

    It’s only a matter of time until some demented Islamist is going to kill Asiya Nasir for daring to give this brave speech.
    In my opinion, women like Asiya and men like Bhatti and Taseer are much more courageous than any mullah or prophet who lived anywhere or anytime. As I said, this is my opinion.

  18. Masooma Raza Ali says:

    @ Kafir Per Pakistani Law

    The way you are giving ur personal disclosure, show how INSECURE we Muslims sects are feeling in Islamic state
    ( only by NAME ) to make our opinion!
    Is it necessary for me to first CONVINCE everybody that I am MUSLIM by constitution & say every bad thing about Ahmediyya community & its head & then say some truth about Islamic beliefs?
    For a MOMENT …. JUST for a FRACTION of moment THINK if AHMADIS are on TRUTH what will be the Answer of Majority of Pakistanis on the day of Judgement , when ASKED by Allah Almighty … about the CURSE put on Ahmadi ‘s Leader by all Pakistanis through Passport / National ID / Election commission’s forms ???
    Either Pakistani Muslims dont believe in Day of Judgement or they got Something known as ILHAAM from Allah Almighty ….about the Falsehood of Ahmadiya Muslim sect.

  19. SM says:

    The first instance after hearing the news of this assissination, only one name came to my mind after seeing such a professional appraoch, and that is …. Black Water

    things like these will keep happening, untill we get the US and its operatives extracted out of our homeland.

  20. Abramovich says:

    ordinary speech!
    “Mom, lets leave this country” hahahahaa! as if they have a choice :-)
    Personally, I sternly believe that no-one should ever be killed. Murdering people in this way transforms petty criminals to Heros, and that too with a vision!
    So STUPID terrorists, hear this: STOP KILLING PEOPLE, PLEASE STOP making more heros! live and let live!!

  21. Arsalan Mir says:

    Being a Pakistani, her demands are justified.

  22. MQ says:

    دیکھئے تقریر کی لذت کہ جو اس نے کہا
    میں نے یہ جانا کہ گویا یہ بھی میرے دل میں ہے

    It is a great speech, and echoes the sentiments of most sane Pakistanis.

  23. Asiya has raised really intelligent question, but the problem is not with the law. Its the problem with implementation really.

  24. AHsn says:

    It is indeed a passionate, sentimental and a great speech ever delivered by a Pakistani minority leader. Shahbaz Bhatti is better than a Shaheed. Any Shaheed gives his life for his faith but Shahbaz gave his life for the humanity. Shahbaz merits a better title that Islamic Shaheed. He was fighting against the tyranny of the Islamic constitution of Pakistan.

    The only reason that Jinnah and Muslims asked for the establishment of a separate country was that Muslims wanted to have the equal rights to Hindu majority of India.

    Once Pakistan was created, the same Muslims forgot that Pakistani minority should also have the same rights as the Muslims (majority).

    The 1973 constitution is the result of this biased attitude of Muslim majority who consider that all citizens should be treated according to the Islamic culture, code and laws.

    The only solution for the equal rights to each Pakistani citizen is to tear off the present constitution and establish a new constitution where it is clearly stated that State (the system of government) has nothing to do with the religion and religion has nothing to do with the State (system of government).

    I observe, Pakistan is getting more and more religious (Islamic) every day . It is not because of Muslim leaders or Islamic Scholars; it is simply a conspiracy of Ruling Class Politicians and Establishment. It is very easy and comfortable to rule in the name of a religion.

    Tomorrow and day after, it will be the same constitution and the same Pakistan. There will be the same dominating Islam, same blasphemy act, the same Kafir and the same non-Muslims.

    Who dares to write a new secular constitution of Pakistan??

  25. AHsn says:

    “but the problem is not with the law. Its the problem with implementation really.”

    If there is any problem with implementation of a law, it simply means that the law-makers have not correctly defined the law.
    The problem is the law-makers and not the implementation.

  26. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Had a strange impact having heard the line ‘hum jo tareek rahon mein marey guyai’ from her.. Words don’t remain just words when you add blood into them.

    This poem can be tribute to all the slain from Ashur to the streets of the oppressed today. Yes look the other way Pakistan. Shabaz Bhatti was a no body. Your constitution actually makes him a no body.

    تیرے ہونٹوں کے پھولوں کی چاہت میں ہم
    دار کی خشک ٹہنی پہ وارے گئے
    تیرے ہاتوں‌کی شمعوں کی حسرت میں ہم
    نیم تاریک راہوں میں مارے گئے

    سولیوں پر ہمارے لبوں سے پرے
    تیرے ہونٹوں‌کی لالی لپکتی رہی
    تیری زلفوں کی مستی برستی رہی
    تیرے ہاتھوں کی چاندی دمکتی رہی

    جب گھلی تیری راہوں میں شامِ ستم
    ہم چلے آئے ،لائے جہاں تک قدم
    لب پہ حرفِ غزل ، دل میں قندیلِ غم
    اپنا غم تھا گواہی ترے حسن کی
    دیکھ قائم رہے اس گواہی پہ ہم
    ہم جو تاریک راہوں‌میں مارے گئے

    نارسائی اگر اپنی تقدیر تھی
    تیری الفت تو اپنی ہی تدبیر تھی
    کس کاشکوہ ہے گر شوق کے سلسلے
    ہجر کی قتل گاہوں سے سب جاملے

    قتل گاہوں سے چن کر ہمارے علم
    اور نکلیں گے عشاق کے قافلے
    جن کی راہِ طلب سے ہمارے قدم
    مختصر کر چلے درد کے فاصلے
    کرچلے جن کی خاطر جہاں گیر ہم
    جاں گنوا کر تری دلبری کا بھرم
    ہم جو تاریک راہوں میں‌مارے گئے

  27. SLatif says:

    Islam teaches us that unless man learns to live at peace with himself and his fellow human beings, he cannot live at peace with God. In Islam, you shall find peace and tranquility of the heart which is the fruit of submitting to the Will of God. Islam re-en forces the concept of humanity and respect for individual liberty. It also reminds man of his fundamental human right of being free to choose his own religion as it is stated in the Qur’an that there is “no compulsion in religion”.
    No religion teaches violence and terrorism or killing innocent peoples in the name of religion. No religion teaches hate. Force can bend heads but not minds. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Motto is, “Love for ALL Hatred for None. Please visit to get the true picture of Islam. The picture of Islam these fanatics are showing is ruining the teaching of Holy Quran and practice of Holy Prophet(peace & blessing of Allah be upon him). Please wakeup Pakistani, don’t follow the foot steps of wrong doers.
    May Allah give you courage and wisdom to follow the true teaching of Islam. I hope that Asiya Nasir will get the justice.

  28. Ali Mohsin says:

    I believe Adil Najam has taken a commendable initiative of bringing about a positive change in pakistan. He has been nominated for AZM AWARDS. It is now up to us to show our AZM by voting him and reward him for his true patriotic efforts.

  29. Abramovich says:

    AHsn says: “Any Shaheed gives his life for his faith but Shahbaz gave his life for the humanity.”

    Its for this reason that the extremists (both types) should refrain from killing. Apart from the toll resulting from their stupidity, the moment they kill someone, he/she is transformed into an undisputed hero.

    Who says Mr. Bhatti gave his life for humanity! He gave his life for a “brand new bullet proof car”!!

    Your word against mine…? haha

  30. MQ says:

    The following lines of Faiz particularly resonate today, more than they did before.
    پہلے بھی خزاں میں باغ اجڑے ، پر یوں نہیں جیسے اب کے برس
    پتہ پتہ ، بوٹا بوٹا ، روش روش برباد ہوۓ

    Autum always brought desolation to the garden, but never like this, when
    Every leaf, every tree and every bed of flowers lies in ruin

  31. AHsn says:


    “He gave his life for a “brand new bullet proof car”!!”

    Yes, it may be true as well as any other reason. But the bare fact is that a HUMAN (good or …) was assassinated by another HUMAN (bad or …)

    “Your word against mine…? haha”

    I am very much aware that my word can not be the ONLY one and yours may not be the LAST one.


  32. AHsn says:

    ہم تمکو بتاتے ہیں تقدیرامم کیا ہے
    شمشیروثنا اوّل طائوس و رباب آ خر

    Dear MQ,

    Glad to see you back. It appears to me that you are still in the period of ” طائوس و رباب “. Perhaps it is time to come back to
    “شمشیروثنا ” and take another start to build the nation.

  33. MQ says:

    AHsn Sahib, isn’t the word سناں or سنان , meaning the point of spear or a sharp spear, and not ثنا , which means prayer?

  34. Adnan says:

    I agree with my friend, Ahsn, let’s rename Pakistan first, I suggest to call it “Minoritistan” or “Aqliyatistan”(In Urdu). After all Jinnah “day dreamed” to get a separate state where only minorities can be respected and saved and majorities could be humiliated and killed. I think this is the why we are living in a country where some Pub Drawing room experts are more concerned about minority. After who gives a damn if some gora (within) Pakistan kill few Majority community people or some goras across border kill hundreds of Majority community people by Drones. Oh wait! Since our friends believe in giving rights to minorities, Reymond is an American hence a minority in Pakistan therefore we should let him go to his homeland. After all this is Jinnah’s “Minoritistan”. Cheers!

  35. Asad says:

    From a normal Pakistani’s point of view, liberals are politicizing the issue. We need to revisit our definitions of freedom of expression, and its boundaries, in a more logical manner. That would surely bring us some good.

  36. F K says:

    Notwithstanding the accuracy of her statements/questions, I think this MNA should talk to her own political party first. Why is she representing that party if she feels that way?

  37. AHsn says:

    محترم مست قلندر صاحب
    سلام و آداب
    آپ کی بات بالکل صحیح ہے
    شمشیر و سناں سے مجاہد کی قوت دو گنی ہوجاتی ہے
    لیکن حقیقت یہ ہے کہ
    اسکے ایک ہاتھ میں تلوار اور دوسرے ہاتھ میں قرآن – ثنا

  38. MQ says:

    جناب احسن صاحب ، آپ کی وضاحت کا ممنون ہوں، لیکن آپ کے جواب کے دوسرے حصّے سے متفق نہیں ہوں
    شاید نسیم حجازی کے ناولوں میں یہ تصور ملتا ہو لیکن روحانی ور روایات کی کتابوں میں ایسی کوئی چیز میرے علم میں نہیں – اس لئے یہ نقطۂ مزید تحقیق طلب ہے – ممکن ہے آپ کے اے ٹی پی کے پرانے رفقاء اس نقطے پر کچھ روشنی ڈال سکیں

    But coming back to the subject of the post, surprisingly, the media in Pakistan, both print and electronic, has not given any publicity to this speech.

  39. Maskeenel says:

    Pakistanis will always cry till they realize who is babysitting their children and who is training them to be evil. Mothers are ignoring their duty by sending their fruit of the womb to madrissa to be taught and brainwashed by the mullahs. For some time mothers in Pakistan have given their responsibility to the mullahs of Pakistan.

    The wisest man who ever lived said centuries ago, train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it when he is grown.

    These 20/30 years old were taught hate and we are reaping the reward of it. Mullahs are happy but mothers and the country is crying. They don’t like their neighbors and were taught to disregard kuwat e akhuwat e awam. There is no muhalladari left. Everyone is in the crossfire of their aim.
    They were taught zaberdast cheinlatai hain mangtai nahin. Because they desverve it more than the owner. We are living in the sorry state of affires to the point that our rulers are scared to enforce the law.

    All I can say cry my forsaken countrymen cry till you savior takes a stand to set you free from the corruption filled leadership. Till then pray and wait for him.

  40. Arifa says:

    A brave woman. A brave Pakistani.

  41. F. D. Boaz Chaudhry says:

    Dear Sir:
    I do not agree with Adnan who has spoken his heart meaning that minority minister also should not have a freedom of speech. In fact Adnan wants that only Muslims should remain
    in Pakistan and no one else should stay in Pakistan. My dear Adnan Sahib, please remain impartial on such occasions. You are correct that many muslims are being killed daily, but by Minority personnel. Assissination of Shahbaz Bhatti has brought joy to illitrate and stub-born people like J. Sakeel of Karachi who wrote a joyful letter to the editor of The News on 3/3/11 “….by killing…. they are doing good job. So, by tough saying of Asiya Nasir you wish to change the name of your country from Pakistan to Minoritistan. Shame to this Thoughtful ness.



  42. Majid says:

    ہم جو تاریک راہوں میں مارے گئے

  43. Adnan says:


    Freedom of Speech? What’s that? Do you even know the meaning of it? Can I curse you in the name of freedom of speech? And which freedom of expression are you talking about? I challenge you to dare and use the tool of freedom of expression against talking about Holocaust or Anti semitism in Western countries, the next day you will be in Jail so kindly don’t fool yourself or others by singing rhymes of freedom of expression. If you guys are really about freedom of expressions then why fanatic liberals were mourning when the Barelvi’s Mumtaz Qadri was greeted by hundreds of lawyers in court? After all, those lawyers also used the freedom tool and shared what they felt inside? Why liberal fanatics got worried about it? Why some ignorant authors came up with titles like “Cheers the assassin”? I would consider you guys credible if you can let others use same freedom tool but things are otherwise. Hypocrisy is bliss, for sure.

    And for all those Christians who are condemning Blasphemy Law, I would consider them respectable if they raise voice first against the verse in Bible which provokes Bible followers to kill anyone who claim to be a false prophet or say a word against God and Jesus(saw). Got dare? Does any liberal who is crying for “Minoristan” have dare to raise voice against it? If none then better keep this whining to yourself.

    Those who are posting to be “friends” of minorities are hypocrite themselves. One day they “mourn” and the other day they talk about Music and other things. They are not your Friends, Fredrick. Neither Taseer was.

  44. Handsome says:

    why do we answer about the murder? because it was not Muslim?

    come one lady get some life.. thousands of Muslims die daily in Pakistan by terrorists.. you have not boycott parliament for them.. why??

    Lagti hay bhi lagti hay!!!

  45. Afia says:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    The main media or even blogs have not really highlighted this and I am glad that you have. Courageous speech that every Pakistani should listen to.

  46. AHsn says:

    Dear MQ,

    There is no need of going through the books of Naseem Hijazi or any other religious authority. Look at the flag of Saudi Arabia the guardian of K’aba and Islam.

    You will find that a sword and the Holy Book are the emblems of Islam. So, I insist that a Mujaahid should have a talwaar in one hand and QurA^n in the other hand and not shamsheer –o- sanaaN as you (or Iqbal!) have been claiming.

  47. sidhas says:

    Its a sad situation.

  48. Adnan Ahmad says:

    MQ, I couldn’t help but smile at your Naseem Hijaazi comment (NOT at AHsan). A couple of my extremely sharp high school friends were into his novels and the dig gets deeper when I think of them.. :) On an unrelated note, any quip on the crowd that every now and then quotes “zara num ho to ye mutti..” line here on ATP and then tacitly seeks wah wah.. :)

  49. Sara says:

    Excellent speech. Inspiring, tough and yet very patriotic. Proud of you Madam,

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