MNA Asiya Nasir Asks Tough Questions: Who Will Answer Them?

Posted on March 8, 2011
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Adil Najam

Ms. Asiya Nasir – Christian Member National Assembly (MNA), elected on a reserved seat from NA-322 (Balochistan-III) on an MMA (Mutihada Majlis i Amal; a coalition of religious parties) ticket, interestingly with JUI(F) affiliation – made this hard-hitting and courageous speech on the floor of the Pakistan National Assembly on March 4 before leading a token walk-out of minority and other members from the Assembly on the issue of Shahbaz Bhatti’s assassination.

The speech should be listened in full, not just for its heartfelt passion and its cry of pain, but also because no matter how much you think you know about Pakistan, you are bound to learn things you did not know. Asiya Nasir speaks to us not simply as a Minority or Christian MNA, but as a Pakistani. And it is as a Pakistanis that we must respond.

The 30 year old Asiya Nasir – wife of Nasir Masih and mother of a son and two daughters – has much to say and ask that we really have no response or answers to. But we should all be grateful to her for raising her voice as a Pakistani and asking questions that we have ignored – indeed, hidden – for too long. We are better off today because these questions have been asked.

49 responses to “MNA Asiya Nasir Asks Tough Questions: Who Will Answer Them?”

  1. Afia says:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    The main media or even blogs have not really highlighted this and I am glad that you have. Courageous speech that every Pakistani should listen to.

  2. Handsome says:

    why do we answer about the murder? because it was not Muslim?

    come one lady get some life.. thousands of Muslims die daily in Pakistan by terrorists.. you have not boycott parliament for them.. why??

    Lagti hay bhi lagti hay!!!

  3. Adnan says:


    Freedom of Speech? What’s that? Do you even know the meaning of it? Can I curse you in the name of freedom of speech? And which freedom of expression are you talking about? I challenge you to dare and use the tool of freedom of expression against talking about Holocaust or Anti semitism in Western countries, the next day you will be in Jail so kindly don’t fool yourself or others by singing rhymes of freedom of expression. If you guys are really about freedom of expressions then why fanatic liberals were mourning when the Barelvi’s Mumtaz Qadri was greeted by hundreds of lawyers in court? After all, those lawyers also used the freedom tool and shared what they felt inside? Why liberal fanatics got worried about it? Why some ignorant authors came up with titles like “Cheers the assassin”? I would consider you guys credible if you can let others use same freedom tool but things are otherwise. Hypocrisy is bliss, for sure.

    And for all those Christians who are condemning Blasphemy Law, I would consider them respectable if they raise voice first against the verse in Bible which provokes Bible followers to kill anyone who claim to be a false prophet or say a word against God and Jesus(saw). Got dare? Does any liberal who is crying for “Minoristan” have dare to raise voice against it? If none then better keep this whining to yourself.

    Those who are posting to be “friends” of minorities are hypocrite themselves. One day they “mourn” and the other day they talk about Music and other things. They are not your Friends, Fredrick. Neither Taseer was.

  4. Majid says:

    ہم جو تاریک راہوں میں مارے گئے

  5. F. D. Boaz Chaudhry says:

    Dear Sir:
    I do not agree with Adnan who has spoken his heart meaning that minority minister also should not have a freedom of speech. In fact Adnan wants that only Muslims should remain
    in Pakistan and no one else should stay in Pakistan. My dear Adnan Sahib, please remain impartial on such occasions. You are correct that many muslims are being killed daily, but by Minority personnel. Assissination of Shahbaz Bhatti has brought joy to illitrate and stub-born people like J. Sakeel of Karachi who wrote a joyful letter to the editor of The News on 3/3/11 “….by killing…. they are doing good job. So, by tough saying of Asiya Nasir you wish to change the name of your country from Pakistan to Minoritistan. Shame to this Thoughtful ness.



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