Bush Mush Hota Hai

Posted on June 12, 2006
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Adil Najam
This political parody is now a little dated (was circulating on the internet immediately after US President Bush’s 2006 visit to Pakistan). But it was funny then and is still funny.

Given where US-Pakistan relations are going, it may be even more pertinent today than before. In case you are wondering where those relations are going, consider the following from The Daily Times (June 11, 2006):

WASHINGTON: The United States has reduced aid to Pakistan in the current fiscal year to $300 million on grounds that Islamabad has “failed to do enoughâ€Â? to improve democracy and human rights… The bill specifically cited the “increasing lack of respect for human rights, especially women’s rights, and the lack of progress for improving democratic governance and rule of lawâ€Â? as chief reasons for reducing Pakistan’s funds.

Anyhow, as a piece of political humor it is really well-done and in some ways timeless. So, if you have not seen it yet, here goes (Click on image below):

Bush Mush Hota Hai

2 responses to “Bush Mush Hota Hai”

  1. Samdani says:

    Know this is an old post and old video but saw this here again now and laughed out loud… seems to take on new meaning now, on the Inzimam line and also on other things

  2. […] The show is, in fact, irreverent to all sides. This is quite evident from this second video clip which relates to President Bush’s visit to India and Pakistan earlier this year (see related ATP Posts here and here). [For volatile South Asian emotions, please realize that this is a late-night comedy show, and the ‘expert’ being interviewed is a fake expert, making fun of self-styled ‘experts’ as much as anything else] (can also be seen here). […]

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