Historic Newsreel: Birth of Pakistan

Posted on June 14, 2006
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Adil Najam

This historic Universal Newsreel on the birth of Pakistan and the ceremonies of August 14, 1947, was made for a US audiences (note how Liaquat Ali Khan’s name is mispronounced; some things never change!).

For Karachites: see if you can recognize Karachi landmarks including the Sindh Asembly Building and Elphinstone Street.

For history buffs, note the pictures of Liaquat Ali Khan and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, but even moreso recall that the Chair (Speaker) of the first session of the Pakistan Assembly was Jogindar Nath Mandal (1904-1968), a Hindu Dalit from the Bengal, who later became Pakistan’s first Law Minister (and then resigned from in protest; but more about that later).

click on the play (arrow) button on the image below:

Video from video.google.com placed by www.harappa.com which is a wealth of information and insight.

2 responses to “Historic Newsreel: Birth of Pakistan”

  1. MUSFIR says:


    This is very attractive clip, I very amazed to see my city Karachi so neat and clean and very few populated. it is the first time i have ever seen Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan in a moving clip. I also very surprised that no Pakistani channel have ever exposed this sort of historic video clip

    Pakistan zindabad

  2. Bilal says:

    Very interesting. The assembly building looks so clean!
    It was interesting to see how frail Jinnah already looked in 1947. How come his pictures on our currency notes add another 20 pounds to his body?
    I am fascinated by the history of Karachi – both as a ciy of culture, learning and political yearning – as well as a city that has worked hard to improve Pakistan’s stature in the world.

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