A Rare Video of Aug 14, 1947

Posted on May 21, 2008
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Asma Mirza

The video to the right is from BBC urdu and is making runs on Internet these days. It shows the Independence Day events of August 14, 1947. One can see rare glimpses of people and events here including Mr. Jinnah, Lord Mountbatten, Liaqat Ali Khan, Fatima Jinnah, Lady Mounbatten etc.The video does not have any audio. I wish there was some sound to it too.Other historic videos of 1947 and Pakistan’s creation can be seen in earlier ATP posts, here and here.

25 responses to “A Rare Video of Aug 14, 1947”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ Contrast dhoontay hein,
    Amritsar kay musalmanon ka

    Zara khabar to dein un ki,
    unkay yeh dewanay phir say
    Rafay Kashmiri

  2. khan says:

    study history from every one point of view relay on facts and figures u will come to know that the partition was in fovour of muslims although it went bad in some respects only due to the cunning nature of hindu e.g
    why to divide only muslim majority provinces (it was decided v late in june 1947)
    why not to formalate any rule for princely states we lost both states with muslim maj. like kashmir and that with hindu but alingned to pakistan like dakan
    cunning hindus leader i am not blaming hindus i am blaming their leaders the sinkh willl sigh what they done( killing inocent muslims) they got their response in golden temple u know better then me in pakitan they enjoy hasanabdal not welcomed buy military operation as happened in the golden temple

  3. khan says:

    if we make the lists of acheivements of pakistan despite all the odds inculding a constant threat of a seven times larger superior country we come to know that pakistan has made great progress in every field compare ur self with 1947 there was nothing but sand and soil scrap from which we bulit the current nation its the identity not the situation in which u lie our identity lies in pakistan that would be the leading muslim country we cannot say that we have acheived everything but our social economical reiligious conditions r much better than they would have been in united india

  4. Dewana Phir Say says:

    * pupations = population

  5. Dewana Phir Say says:

    Its easy to see which side did a better job of eliminating other…Lahore which had a large Hindu and Sikh population (in areas such as Shah Almi being centre of trade) is almost completely cleared of Hindus and Sikhs….in contrast Amritsar still has a significant Muslim pupations freely praying in their mosques.

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