Pictures of the Day: QINGQI

Posted on June 17, 2006
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(Picture on left by go2net; picture on right by peterhessel; both on

Following on yesterday’s Picture of the Day, since people had asked, this is what a ‘Qingqi’ looks like by the time it gets to Pakistan.

My thanks to Altamash Mir for the information on how it is the product of a joint venture between Jinan Qingqi of China and Suzuki of Japan. It is like a Vespa, but more of a motorcycle than a scooter. More powerful and less costly. By the time Pakistani ingenuity has its way with the machine, it transforms itself into a six-seater auto-rickshaw-like-thing that is called Qingqi by most people, rather than a rickshaw (and you can always squeeze more, because ‘dil baRRa hoona chahiaye’).

These are found in large and small cities across Pakistan now, but have become particularly prevalent in small towns and secondary cities. The reason for its runaway success is that you do not need to find as many passengers as you do for a ‘wagon’ or a ‘Suzuki dabba‘ but you can charge by the individual passenger rather than for the full ride (as you would for a Taxi or a Rickshaw ride). So, what’s not to like. Unlike the scheme about introducing the London Taxi to Pakistan, the economic logic in this case is impeccable.

3 responses to “Pictures of the Day: QINGQI”

  1. areces says:

    shbn says:
    Speaking of Qingqi

  2. shbn says:

    Speaking of Qingqi…how do you pronounce it?

    Seems like the pentium 5 in rickshaw world :)

  3. Altamash Mir says:

    ur welcome….my knowledge of the Qingqi limits me to what google tells me…and lacks the soul and body of the Qingqi being used in Pakistan…I personally havent been to Pakistan since 99, but am planning to visit this year Inshallah. So I guess I’ll see some Qingqis…

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