Picture of the Day: Haqooq-e-MardaaN

Posted on February 2, 2007
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Adil Najam

I recieved a couple of emails with this picture today, and then saw it poste by Vaqas on Metroblog Lahore (see earlier picture here). A great picture by Awais Lodhi. We at ATP have a long-standing fascination with rickshaws (here, here, here, here an here). But, this, of course, is about political commentary, not just about rickshaws.

My best attempt at a translation of the ‘writing on the rickshaw’ is:

Addressed to Honorable General Musharraf Sahib. Accept my congratulations on the passage of the women’s rights bill. Now, please, also give us a bill on Men’s rights. We will be greatful. It is very difficult to drink these days.

Must confess, I am not fully sure how the last line fits. Please suggest a better translation if you will. Or offer commentary on this commentary.

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  1. RAI.T.U.KHAN says:

    1).In this bill Zina bell jaber(rape)is not hudood(islamic law) case,any court of pakistan can not give punishment to this crime according the islamic law.
    2).FIR can not be filed against fahaashi(Zina bell raaza)in any police station of pakistan.
    3).For the complaint of any fahaashi(Lewdness)must go before the court with two witnesses,and this is also full with compilations,even for the courts.
    4).Fahaashi was the cognizable(Dast drazi police)crime,in this new bill this is not the cognizable crime.its means police can not stop or will not stop this kind of fahaashi acts becouse they need two witnesses.
    5).this makes very complicated to prove and give punishment to those who are involve in such kind of sin.
    this all will provide protection to those who will or are indeed in fever in the freedom of sex,Europ and amrica’s free culture.It will also help for safe dateing in the parks,hotels and in parties,and we know very well that what’s going on in our society,actually they did provided them safety those who are liberal(Roshan khayal)on the name of “Fashion” “modling” “valentine day” “free tv” and “private parties” etc…..IS IT ISLAMIC?

  2. The Pakistanian says:

    Dear Rai T.U Khan

    I am not being sarcastic or anything, but can you please explain in what way shape or form this bill bring Fahaashi to our society. Please do not advise me to go read the whole bill myself, because I have done that and still fail to understand why it is opposed and considered unislamic. Feel free to give some specific examples regarding bringing fahaashi to our society. Thanks

  3. RAI.T.U.KHAN says:

    If some one dont know then its the duty of all of us to tell others the truth,and others to the next one and so on.
    Surah No 103(AL-ASR)ayah no(3)”But those belived and did good deeds and stressed one another to accept truth and counseled one another to be patience”
    Surah No 3(AL-IMRAN)”Anything good befall you it vexes them,and an evil befall you.then they are happy at it,and if u have patience,and fear ALLAH then their guile not hurt you,at all verity their all doing are under the circumfernce of ALLAH.
    We should not put ourself in those who says our elders were doing this and that,so we will follow them,even they were wrong.I am just saying come close to QURAN which is the path of our safety.May ALLAH protect pakistan and all of you.

  4. Hussein A. says:

    [quote comment=”33415″]ASLAAM-A-LEKAAM
    Every body knows that the haqooqe niswaan bill is against the islamic values,and it will be hlepful for fahaashi in our society,and its not only for the women but also for the men becouse women can not do any thing alone.[/quote]

    NO, “every body” does not know that an does not believe that at all. I do not. What was unislamic was Zia’s hudood laws. But since there is a differnt discussion on that on this website I will not go into that here. But I do NOT appreciate people trying to propogate their perverted views by claiming that they speak for “EVERY BODY”. You do’nt; nor do I. So lets stick to our opinions please and not try to be paighambars for everyone.

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