Picture of the Day: Haqooq-e-MardaaN

Posted on February 2, 2007
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Adil Najam

I recieved a couple of emails with this picture today, and then saw it poste by Vaqas on Metroblog Lahore (see earlier picture here). A great picture by Awais Lodhi. We at ATP have a long-standing fascination with rickshaws (here, here, here, here an here). But, this, of course, is about political commentary, not just about rickshaws.

My best attempt at a translation of the ‘writing on the rickshaw’ is:

Addressed to Honorable General Musharraf Sahib. Accept my congratulations on the passage of the women’s rights bill. Now, please, also give us a bill on Men’s rights. We will be greatful. It is very difficult to drink these days.

Must confess, I am not fully sure how the last line fits. Please suggest a better translation if you will. Or offer commentary on this commentary.

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  1. RAI.T.U.KHAN says:

    Every body knows that the haqooqe niswaan bill is against the islamic values,and it will be hlepful for fahaashi in our society,and its not only for the women but also for the men becouse women can not do any thing alone.I think the ricshawala doing TANKEED on the sader musharraf`s liberal thinking(Roshan khayali)in very beautiful way.he wana say if you are doing every thing against islam then give us also the right to drink alcohol.i think you all remember there was also bill about alcohol(saraab act)which was not touched.thanks GOD.every on of us know very well the meaning of peena pilna,its meaning drinking alcohol,whiskey or wine or beer.we must not forget that we are muslim society and pakistan is muslim country,and there is no space for Roshan khayali in islam,islam only follow the law of ALLAH.we must come togather to stop this thinking.sader Musharaf wants pakistan as amrica wants,and remember first they put the evil law in the cuntery then the result comes ofter few years,as they did in Egypt.This kind of behavior making very collateral damage to our society.we must start thinking now.pakistan is our honor and proud we must look ofter it.may ALLAH protect pakistan and all of you.

  2. MQ says:

    The message on the back of the rickshaw may be interpreted in many ways. After all, meanings are in people, not in words.

    But looking at what is written at the top and bottom of the “message board” and the overall context the intent and meaning of the message is clear. As has been suggested by YLH and, earlier, by Bilal Zuberi it is a sarcastic message from maulvis to Musharraf saying: now that women have got their “azadi” how about give some to men as well.

    But the maulvis forget that those who want to drink and have the means there is no “tangi” for them in Pakistan. Didn’t you see the news item about a week ago that Murree Brewery of Pakistan would start manufacturing and marketing malt whiskey (a premium whiskey) comparable to the best in the world — all for domestic consumption?

  3. YLH says:

    I am not sure why sridhar thinks “ke liye” is wrong language.

    In any event, this picture is referring to alcohol… the underlying “theme” being that since “Huqooq-e-Niswan” has been passed to promote “promiscuous behavior”, there should be a “Huqooq-e-Mardan” to promote alcohol for the men as well…

    Obviously this is some sort of a sick campaign by some religious party against commonsense… the Huqooq-e-Niswan doesnot go even far enough to give women justice, let alone making them “promiscuous” per se… but ours is a society gone to the dogs… infact it would be an insult to the dogs to even make that comparison. Y’all know who I am talking about don’t ya?

  4. OSMAN says:

    Maybe this is funny to some. To me it is a resentment against the womens rights bill and liberal ideals in general.

  5. Kazim Aizaz Alam says:

    Zahid sharaab peenay de masjid me beth kar
    ya woh jaga bata de jahan per khuda na ho
    Daagh Dehlavi

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