Posted on June 18, 2006
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16 responses to “‘Nobody in Karachi whistles anymore’”

  1. says:

    Whistle??? I had absolutely forgotten about this carefree act of whistling till i read your blog..

    I remember the times when all the cousins used to go up to the roof, gaze up at the starry night (yes stars were visible back then) and whistle to our own tunes!

    But i guess us stopping to whistle or even know how to whistle is coz of two major reasons.. One is cultural, meaning if a guy whistles, he’s probably teasing a girl.. And if a girl whistles, she has bad manners..

    The second reason is political.. People are so engrossed in their own busy lives, with so many tensions and political tensions topping them, that people just forget about the feeling of being carefree!

    Although if anyone wants to find about specialties of Karachi, they should visit, it has all the businesses listed, even lassi walas.. :)