Posted on June 28, 2006
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13 responses to “The Greening of Pakistan”

  1. Asif S says:

    I am gld you wrote on this subject. I hope you cover moe on this. Especially since Prof. Najam is an expert in this area. There are some interesting developments in Pakistn on environment which we should push and encourage.

  2. Rana Faisal Latif says:

    I am student of commerce( my point of view energy is the baises on which the economy of a country base.pakisitan is one of the country in the world who have huge amount of recorcess but unfourtunately these have become useless becouse of improper planing if we want to live more in the world we need to efficent use of our resoucess and do plan next 10years.

  3. Hanif says:

    We people converted cars to ‘gas’ early on in Pakistan because of petrol prices and there is lot of talk about biofuels becasue of teh cost of petrol more than because of environment reason. But eventually it will be good for environment also