Picture of the Day: Indecent proposal

Posted on July 11, 2006
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Adil Najam


I don’t even know who to be angry at. The idiot who placed the add or the copy-readers at Dawn who did not catch the sexually suggestive language that seems to come from the fantasies of some sex-starved mind. Read the whole ad. on the left, but here are the key points.

Someone wants an executive secretary for (a) the MD of a large educational network, who is (b) ‘female with cute personality’, (c) willing to work on ‘anything & everything’, (d) for ‘long hours’, and (e) ‘be able to keep MD pleased and relaxed.’

I hope that no one gets the impression that this is being posted because it is funny. It is not. This is not just an example of someone who is willing to exploit women. The fact that the country’s largest newspaper will print this is also an indication that society is willing to wink and smile at such exploitation.

Since there is a Dawn ‘Box’number asociated with this advertisement, Dawn should be able to trace this person. And he should at least be ‘outed’ and exposed for this ‘indecent proposal’.

My thanks to Mansoor (of The Word of mAn[S]o0r) for posting this originally on the Karachi Metrobog.

14 responses to “Picture of the Day: Indecent proposal”

  1. Gardezi says:

    Amazing. I am speechless.

    I know this is old, but can we still find out who this is!

  2. LaundryBleach says:

    (a) the MD of a large educational network, who is

  3. Kazim Aizaz Alam says:


  4. babbi says:

    I think it is not pinglish because of the last point only which says:

    “able to keep MD pleased and relaxed”

    No corporate job whatsoever have this kind of requirement all over the world.

    It is also not some english mistake as the message is loud and clear. It is indeed an “Indecent Proposal”

    Secondly considering the copy readers overlook: there are thousands of ads in sunday newspaper so nobody can copy read such kind of ads. All the text of the ad comes from the advertiser and dawn prints it on “as is” basis. There are no proof readings for ads, I believe.

    Lastly about the social responsibility: This ad suggests of degrading moral values in Pakistan. Yes, Indeed I agree that in Pakistan everybody here assumes an authority to declare what is right and wrong because the authorities/institutions do not play their part.

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