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Posted on August 18, 2006
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Adil Najam

We are in the process of making some important changes here at ATP and I thought this picture captured very well the mood of these changes. A mood of accomplishment; and of possibly having sown some seeds that might just take root if the conditions are right.

Regular readers would remember that from the beginning the goal has been to turn ATP into a team-blog (here). When I first started the blog on June 11, I was not sure anyone would even come to visit. Today, just over two months (68 days) into the experiment, this is the 158th post and we have had over 60,000 visits. In many practical ways Guest Posters but even more so for the active discussion from all of you.

Now its time to take the next step.

Please welcome Bilal Zuberi and Owais Mughal who are joining me in the day-to-day management and editing of ATP.

Most of you are, of course, very familiar with both Bilal (on Naii, on Ishtiaq Ahmed and Inspector Jamshed, on Mueen Akhter, and on The Greeing of Pakistan) and Owais (on Goth Alla-Bino, on Chai, on Fountain Pens, and on Rickshaws) who have been been regular and frequent posters of ATP. They have already been very active on ATP and now kindly agreed to take on major responsibilities in its management. They will, I am confident, bring even greater variety and diversity to ATP.

We will, of course, continue to have Guest Posts from the wonderful bloggers who have been contributing in the past and, hopefully, from more new ones. I believe that these have been a central element of how ATP has developed and we want to continue on this path. I would like to thank all who have been contributing Guest Posters and also invite our readers to consider contributing Guest Posts (see here).

Unfortunately, none of the above means that I will disappear. Getting rid of me will not be that easy. I am having too much fun doing this to let go. While you will see a little less of me (as I actually start doing work for those who pay my salary), you will probably still see more than you want to; at least for a little while longer.

And, finally, about the photograph at the top of this post. Titled ‘The Farmer’ it is part of the portfolio of Razaq Vance. Razaq sahib is in the same profession as me – a teacher – but is immensely more talented and his photographs always leave me entirely mesmerized. I plan to do a proper feature on his photography soon, but along with Umair Ghani (where work we presented on ATP here and here), Razaq Vance captures the grandeur of life in rural Punjab like few others. Thank you Razaq Sahib.

[By the way, the second post I did with Umair’s photogrpahs – about the rural-urban divide in Pakistan – was one of my most favorite posts on ATP; both because of the topic and becasue of his photographs].

17 responses to “Picture of the Day: ATP going forward”

  1. Haris says:

    Great pictures here. Beautifully done. And good to get a snapshot of this site’s history. (Some of the links are broken).

  2. Eidee Man says:

    I think it would be cool if you could develop a sort of “show-case” website on the site to archive some of the articles that don’t deal with politics, problems, and that kind of stuff. It could be a very good resource for someone trying to learn about the culture and character of Pakistan by reading these articles and looking at pictures. It would be good PR at a time when we oh-so-desperately need it :).

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