Gen. Musharraf Unplugged

Posted on September 27, 2006
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Adil Najam

A few readers have asked us to provide links to various media appearances by Gen. Musharraf here on ATP. A very good and constantly updated colelction is available at Trekker’s blog here.

Meanwhile, we are providing video clips of some of the most talked appearances (rather, those that are available on the web for linking).

Daily ShowRelated ATP Posts on Gen. Musharraf’s new book, In the Line of Fire and his US visit here, here, here, here, and here.

First, the much talked about appearance on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and then the apperance on 60 Minutes. Third we have updated this post to include the CNN interview by Wolf Blitzer. We have also added the most pertinent part of the White House Press Conference with President Bush and President Musharraf.

You can view his appearance on 60 Minutes here:

Here is the first half of his appearance in CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (cannot, yet, find the second half). FULL TRANSCRIPT of this interview can be read here:

Here is the middle part, the most pertinent and talked-about part, of the White House Press Conference with Presidents Bush and Musharraf:

Finally, here is the interview on PBS’s Charlie Rose, which has also been much discussed in the comments from our readers:

59 responses to “Gen. Musharraf Unplugged”

  1. It is silly not to have been taken massive efforts after having known ground realities. Americans want to search Osama bin laden in Pakistan but I think that Osama must have been living in America, therefore America should allow Pakistani Army to search Osama in America. Army Leader’s mercurial behavior is causing our citizens of the cast some concern. Why does he insist that Osama be in Afghanistan? We don’t think so.

  2. [quote post=”329″]rst of all I don’t get the title: “Gen. Musharraf Unpluggedâ€

  3. Shabir Alam says:

    If you are referring to “Daughter of Destiny”, I already researched its fame. Seems like a popular book in some circles at the time and was published by Simon & Schuster (March 1989) while Benazir was in power also. Didn’t make it quite as big as In the Line of Fire so quickly. Plus media is more open and accessible today then BB’s time, this includes Pakistani media too – so Musharraf definitely has an advantage.

    BB may have been media savvy but lacked the reasoning and usually played the woman and sympathy card and banked on it. Her personality is a discussion for another day.

    I wonder what secrets did Musharraf reveal? If talking about situations honestly and writing about them is considered revealing secrets then what would you call it when George Tenet the CIA director then shows Musharraf his own centrifuge plans? Let’s not get on the band wagon of “revealing the secrets” and “spending Pakistan money” half baked arguments without reasoning?

  4. Farrukh says:

    I have been travelling and missed my regular dose of ATP. Seemed like I missed some interesting discussions.

    On a different post (on blog ban) it was commented that (I thught this was more appropriate to pursue that point):

    “Name one Pakistani leader who can so eloquently present Pakistan’s views to the West and its biased media engine?”

    Well, I dont like her any moe than I like Musharraf but the Benazir was equally famous (both according to her jialas and according to the US media) for being eloquent and media savvy. Also, her book was also on top of all sorts of lists (I think NYT also) and she did not even have the benefit of using the state apparatus to promote it or being in office to disclose official secrets. Frankly I was not impressed by her stunts and not by his either.

  5. Shabir Alam says:

    First of all I don’t get the title: “Gen. Musharraf Unplugged”? I see no relevant discussion based on the title, and then all the “plugged” videos.

    By the way Adil, make sure you do not use the copyrighted material on this site – it can become trouble sooner or later even if you didn’t post it on YouTube or Google Video. Linking to copyrighted item may suffice. We want this site to survive you know :)

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