Lips Stitchted as Punishment: Labb Azad Hain Tairey?

Posted on December 6, 2006
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Adil Najam

For those who can read Urdu, the news is from the Urdu Daily Express (December 3, 2006).

It is the story of a Kot Lakhpat prisoner Abdur Razzaq who appeared in court with his lips having been stitched together. He is in jail on a murder charge. Reportedly, he was unable to pay the ‘monthly’ bribe to the jailers because of his sister’s wedding and his ‘punishment’ was to be locked in a blackhole room, possibly beaten up, and then his lips were crudely stitched together!

Just typing this out makes me sick in the stomach. But there is more.

I saw this first at Adnan Siddiqi’s blog yesterday and I must say I have been in utter and absolute shock since then. Just imagining the inhumanity of this has left me numb. So much that I could not get myself to write about it last night.

The newspaper goes on to give more details:

The court has ordered immediate medical checkup of Abdur Rahman and required an enquiry report within 7 days on the incident. Reportedly, the I.G. jails claims that the prisoner, who is a serial criminal having been in the jail earlier for selling drugs and also stealing mobile phones, has conducted this elaborate ‘drama’ because he is in on a murder charge and he did so to create a scene after he was moved to a different cell in the jail.

Once again, the facts are not yet complete. The good news is that at least the court has taken notice and so has the media. If Abdur Razzaq’s story is correct this is a case of police brutality, not of government ineptitude. However, it is in the government’s interests to make sure that proper action is taken and this and such excesses of power are not tolerated.

12 responses to “Lips Stitchted as Punishment: Labb Azad Hain Tairey?

  1. Ghalib says:

    even this is not an eye opener fer our country an even us!we are a part of this as we have become so numb in humane that we wont utter a word agianst the authority! it reminds me of”Khuda nen ajj tak uss kaum ki halat nai badli…”remember we have an acting COAS as a president an still this happening!we killed so many in this country i wonder at the hue an cry at lip sewing!! liaqat ali khan killed,yahya pardoned ayub got away clean ZA Bhuto hanged, zia met his end,benezir enjoyin life nawaz got a great deal DID ALL THIS OPEN OUR EYES NO IT DINT! this is juss a fkashing news will die soon it will be outta channels and papers!it has happened an will happen again….

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    too brutal and inhuman.

  3. Asma says:

    Well true dont know whats the real story … goes in favour of whom but its dreadful … I watched on Geo and I was like … shoot … sheer brutality …!

  4. zamanov says:

    When hundreds of citizens can be kidnapped by the state apparatus and journalists killed for reporting uncomfortable truths, this incident wouldn’t affect the sleep of the powers that be no matter how much turmoil it brings to our digestive system.
    As usual they will be more concerned about their “image” to the outside world than the barbarism committed on a human being.
    As long as torture is condoned and practiced freely by the armed forces and law enforcement bodies such gross acts will continue unabated. Sadly, human rights and dignity in Pakistan will remain in the gutter until the custodians of the law learn to respect it themselves.


    Situation in Russia (personal stories)

    Pakistani medical students living in st petersburg (ex-Leningrad) suffer torture abuse and killings on local trains and streets because of colour of their skins, coloured people donot go out after dark, Medical students pay exorbent fees in dollars to get education, also contribute to russian economy by bringing in much needed Bucks, what treatment they get in host country Monkey Chants at best and mugging and stabbing killings. a close friend Artheopadic surgeon Pakistani married a Russian girl (mashallah they have 7 year old kid), the girl who converted to islam was forced to leave her post as visiting faculty in St petersburg medical university because of racism and threats against her and her pakistani husband (the pair are now living in Pakistan and working in Government sector). another pakistani friend engineer who married a Girl (daughter of a Ex KGB colonel) when she converted they had to run for their lives and seek asylum in France.

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