March 23, 2010: Quowat-i-Akhowat-i-Awam

Posted on March 23, 2010
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Adil Najam

Today is March 23. Pakistan Day.

Today, let us listen to the Pakistan National Anthem one more time. Not just ‘hear’ it. But actually listen to it. The words, with its heavy Persian influence, may be difficult for some. But the meaning is not. Nor should the passion.

We have written about the history of the anthem (including about Prof. Jagan Nath Azad, the creator of Pakistan’s first national anthem) before. And we hope to write about it again, including how this current national anthem came to be.

But today, on Pakistan Day, let us sit back, take a minute, to listen and to concentrate. To concentrate on the promise and on the prayer that is Pakistan’s national anthem.

Let us listen to it again:

And, yet again:

15 responses to “March 23, 2010: Quowat-i-Akhowat-i-Awam

  1. Amjad says:

    I like this version of the anthem very much, specially the video.

  2. Ghiasuddin says:

    Love the videos. They add a whole new life into the anthem

  3. Umar says:

    Nice videos
    Enjoyed them very much. Both.

  4. Ayesha says:

    I am so glad to see this. The new anthem version makes one very proud.

  5. Gardezi says:

    The first video made me think about tarana like I have never done before. The title about Awam power is important and we should always remember that this is important. People of Pakistan and all people of Pakistan, not those of any one religion or sect.

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