Posted on June 23, 2007
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82 responses to “Salman Rushdie’s Controversial Knighthood”

  1. Sentiment says:

    Rushdie and the British establishment

    By Dr Moeed Pirzada

    THE debate whether the British government should have awarded a knighthood to Salman Rushdie seems to be dominated in these columns and in Britain by two sets of equally dangerous hypocrites.

    The first set comprises the “faint-hearted cowards

  2. Mushtaq says:

    Contents – Part II

    Salman Rushdie – a brief life-sketch 54

    Salman Rushdie – the making of an ogre 55

    Grimus 55
    Midnight’s children 58
    Shame 63
    The satanic verses 67

    The fiction of the satanic verses 70

    Maxime rodinson 71
    Dr Nazir Ali 72
    Montgomery watt 72
    Karen Armstrong 73

    Rushdie’s treatment of the satanic verses 75

    Salman Farsi 76
    Further allegations against the prophet 78

    Blasphemy, apostasy and heresy 81

    The ‘burning’ issue surrounding the satanic verses 81
    Blasphemy and freedom of speech 82
    The teaching in the bible 82
    Comparison with Rushdie 83
    Blasphemy in the 20th century 85
    Islamic teaching on blasphemy 87

    The media goes to town over the fatwa 90

    Religion confused with culture ? 90
    Fair comment by the media 93

    Rushdie turned into an icon 95

    Rushdie forewarned 96
    A most poignant observation 96
    Author of his own destiny 97

    Rushdie’s defence of the satanic verses 99

    Rushdie issues statement 100
    Rushdie’s superficial reversal 100
    Haroun and the sea of stories 105
    East, west 106

    Rushdie begins to come out in the open 107

    Nobel prize for Rushdie ? 109
    Who killed the writer ? 109

    Conclusion 111

    The future 113

    Tolerance is a two-way street 114

    Epilogue 118