To U-Turn or not to U-Turn

Posted on October 22, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This photo was posted in Daily Times of October 19, 2007. These signs are at a traffic interesction in Lahore.

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11 responses to “To U-Turn or not to U-Turn”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Ovais Mughal

    Around the National Assembly Islamabad, we should
    have every 5 meter one U turn sign board, justifying
    the purpose of MNAs and the speaker.

  2. Talha says:

    The first sign is about the road and the second one is about life :D

  3. HASSAN' says:

    Like this pic, i would like to tell u guyz 1 more thing i.e. Some ppl use the names or some symbol for their car’s number plate which is illegal according to Traffic rules and that number plate issued by Registration department. so whether it is illegal or legal ?

  4. Shahran Asim says:

    good one Owais,

    But a couple of months ago , I saw similar signs in New York City and it is part of the New York City’s code of rules it is mentioned that if there is a No Parking/Parking sign in one place that creates a conflict , the No’s take precedence over the other. Which I think it is the otherway round in this situation.

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    Behtar hay ke app gari bilkul ne chalain, warna divider
    kahein app ki Nazren divide ne kar day.


    my suggestion to u is that try listening Qawwali, and
    have Roohafza as drink, will give Taskeen-e-Rooh
    with a mighty heart .

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