4 Pakistani Songs to go with the weekend

Posted on December 15, 2007
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Owais Mughal
Here is an assortment of 3 Urdu and a Punjabi song of Pakistani movies of yesteryears. These are blasts from the past but still widely enjoyed. Today is a snowy day at where we live and it is difficult to go out. These and other songs will be our companion for the weekend. Hope you like’em too.
First song is titled ‘jis taraf aaNkh uthaoun’. Movie is Suraiyya Bhopali and the singers are Naheed Akhtar and Mehdi Hassan. The actos are Rani and Shahid. I like the song because of its Hyderabadi (Deccani) language. This style of Urdu is now lost from Pakistani cinema.

Second song is titled ‘jadoN holi jayee’ and is sung by Madam Noor Jehan. It is from from the movie ‘aat khuda da veer’. Actors in song are Habib and Naghma. Gotta love ever green songs of Madam!

The song title is ‘akelay na jana’ from the movie Arman. This song was composed by Sohail Rana. The song was originally composed for a movie titled ‘akele na jana’ but when for some reason that movie got delayed, it was used in the movie ‘Arman’ which was released in 1966.

This song is also from the movie Suraiyya Bhopali released on July 16, 1976. The singer is Naheed Akhtar. Another masterpiece of Deccani Urdu.

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19 responses to “4 Pakistani Songs to go with the weekend”

  1. Rahim Khan says:

    Another Gem for you guys, among great songs from those days.


    Enjoy & Hope………. y’all like it.

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    Corrections are made in the text. I am thankful to our knowledgable readership.

  3. Faraz says:

    How well would a channel featuring only old films and songs do? Throw in the old classic dramas from PTV and NTM and the channel is guaranteed to be a hit. No?

  4. SH Kavi says:

    Owais saheb;
    Aap kee 3rd choice kay kia kehney. I think this is of the best romantic songs of Pakistani cinema.Waheed Murad’s acting and picturization of this song are simply superb.

  5. whole LOTA love says:

    four most sophisticated songs ever recorded in the history of pakistani cinema for the weekend,

    -gol gappay wala

    -gurya japani

    -pande kali karalo

    -tu tru tara tara

    dont forget to put your EAR PLUGS in while listening to these amazing songs.

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