Pakistan Elections 2008: Electainment

Posted on February 20, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Pakistan Election 2008 is a serious business. Our present and future depends on it. There is however, a lighter and human side to it too. Soemtimes it brings smile to us and sometimes a laughter. And that lighter side is also a part of our Pakistaniat. I’ve tried to collect few such moments here.

(1) Following photo is of a celebrating ANP candidate, Mr Aqil Shah. He is seen offering sweets to his wife in Peshawar after winning the elections. The photo has such an aura of innocence and a feeling of pure happiness that I just felt like sharing it here.
Aqil Shah Pakistan

(2) Pakistani jhoom uThay: Following cutting is from daily nawa-i-waqt where the reporter Abdul Shakoor couldn’t control his own joy at the election results. He has used the words ‘Pakistani jhoom uThay’ to describe the joy of overseas Pakistanis in Kuwait who were following the election results.

(3) “tu tu mein mein“.. and ….the Great Escape of Sughra begum & Shamim Bibi:
Following news item is from Jang Multan and it covers the polling process in and around Multan. I’ll let you read and enjoy the news except I want to highlight the use of phrase ‘tu tu mein mein’ and how four women who were trying to poll bogus votes managed to escape from police custody. All in a day’s work.

(4) What did Kanwal do on Election day? In case anyone was wondering . . . .

The Following cutting is from nawa-i-waqt. Under its top five show-biz news, the paper covers how Kanwal (who is she?) spent her election day. In case anyone was wondering; look no further; The ever present ‘cultural reporter’ of nawa-i-waqt was there to cover this story for us.

(5) A maali (gardener) turned Officer in Karachi

Well there is nothing wrong with the profession of gardening. It is as respectful as being an officer except a person needs to be fully trained before switching the two professions. Following news is reported by the Daily Times.

The shortage in the supply of competent polling staff was witnessed in different polling stations of the city when a gardener was made the polling officer in Karachi. He did not know his duties and could not fill the ballot papers properly. The Provincial Election Commission had assigned illegible staff to fill the ballot papers and others formalities at polling station number 40 located in the City District Government Karachi Elementary School.Presiding Officer Syed Masood Kazim Jaferi told Daily Times that to manage the shortcomings and to continue the process of elections, change in the status of the staff has been done.

(6) Grandfather losing Elections in Multan

(7) Celebration in Rawalpindi

Youth celebrating their candidate’s victory in Rawalpindi with dare-devil wheelies.

Photo Credits: Reuters here and here

23 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Electainment”

  1. Pakistani says:

    its 2010 now ,, and 2 yrs hve been passed ,,now i am asking to all the people Pakistan those who favored PPP or PML N, whats happening now , where is ur country standing now ,, i think in 2yrs we lose our 50yrs …..think and remember the first three yrs of Musharaf,,!!

  2. Ishtiaq Ali says:

    Instead of comending or criticising personalities we should evaluate the present systems and work for improvement in systems .For instance a system will have to be evolved whereby target dates should be fixed to dispose off all pending cases at all levels of judiciary.

    Similar is the case with education system. Unless we have an education system whereby we can teach and practice honesty in all walks of life , we would not be able to eiminate corruption in this country which is the main cause of our problems.

  3. Hamid Ch says:

    Depressing choice for the country. Leader of the most popular party in Pakistan is a corrupt wadera that proudly raped Pakistan and stashed aways millions of dollars in offshore accounts. Leader of the second most popular party is a convicted felon who hijacked a commercial airliner with over 100 souls onboard. A incredibly fast race to the bottom.

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