A Sunny Winter Day In Islamabad

Posted on March 5, 2008
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Mast Qalandar

Islamabad, PakistanIt was one of those cloudless, crisp and beautiful winter days that one sees after a spell of rain in Islamabad.

The pall of dust that usually hangs over the city and the hills during the early winter months had lifted. The rain had washed the dust and everything looked bright, fresh and clean. The hills emerged out of the haze and seemed to fall in sharp focus as if placed under a magnifying glass. One could even count the pine trees on the hilltops.

Islamabad, PakistanIt was the kind of a day when, in the words of John Milton (paraphrased),

“it is an offense against nature to stay indoors — and not go out and partake in her rejoicing with Heaven and earth.”

Islamabad, PakistanHeeding Milton’s advice — and armed with my digital camera — I set out to enjoy this beautiful day and capture some of the sights, which I would like to share with you:

By mid December most deciduous trees shed their leaves (see photo just above). But some cling to their flamboyant autumn dress until January (See photo to the right)

Islamabad has more sunny days in winters than, say, New York or any other city in New England but mostly they are hazy. Clear and cloudless days, though, don’t happen that frequently. But when they do it is truly an “offense against nature to stay in doors” —- both for humans and animals.

Islamabad, PakistanIslamabad, PakistanIslamabad, Pakistan

Getting a long overdue haircut or getting groomed is a good idea on a sunny day like this — both for men and animals. Getting it in your park out in the sun from an itinerant barber or a friend is a luxury you won’t find in New York or anywhere in the US.

Islamabad, PakistanIslamabad, Pakistan
Islamabad, Pakistan

Photo of Cafe’ Monal below

Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad, PakistanMargalla Hills come into sharp focus after the rains.

Photos for this post are by the author himself. His full collection can be seen here

23 responses to “A Sunny Winter Day In Islamabad”

  1. Ahmed2 says:

    As one who has seen Islamabad grow over the years I can very well relate to the feelings which have inspired this post. Particularly the vivid photographs , each of which has its own tale to tell.

    “One impulse from a vernal wood
    May teach you more of man,
    Of moral evil and of good,
    Than all the sages can.”

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    MQ saheb, 2 photos have been added towrds the end of the post.

  3. MQ says:

    PMA: I did go to Cafe Monal. It’s a wonderful spot. I had also taken a couple of pictures there (IMG-0083 and 0086). I had sent these to Owais Mughal. I wonder if he could include them at the end of the post.

  4. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Good shots. It is interesting that it looks and feels more like the spring and the fall (!) in some shots.

  5. AHsn says:


    Does the first picture in your post illustrate “the rejoicing between Heaven and Earth”?

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