Posted on March 26, 2008
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25 responses to “ATP Mushaira: Anwar Masood”

  1. dear recepient of this comment link
    as a matter of fact i wassurfing this site to find email contact of mr anwer maqsood famous humerous tv artist of pakistan
    also i need email contact of nayarra noor, ghazal singer ptv pakistan: kindly oblige and provide me internet contacts of above personalities and oblige
    warm regards
    sincerely yours
    naseem ahmed khan

  2. haji akhtar moazzam says:

    I respect Mr.Anwar Masood punjabi local poet.Still i remember the last part of his poem TU ALOO CHIL MAHIYA in Zamindar Degree College gujrat,punjab,Pakistan.Love to every body.Long live Pakistan and God save Pakistan.Thaks for saying AMIN

  3. S U Janbaz says:

    Anwar Masood a legend, a son of the soil, a voice of the mother earth, have a very delicate heart, deep thought and a unique style. He uses the words of common man in his poetry. Due to which, his poetry is enjoyed by every one.

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Request to Adil Najm

    @ Halaat-e-Hazerah par
    Janab-e-Anwar Masood ki nzr hay


    Wardi utter gai’i hay, to Asraar bhi Khulain,
    Ab Dekhna hay, uqdah-e-Anwaar bhi khulain

    Pir-o-murshid rukh pay hain, maidan-e-karzar,
    Hosh-o-khirad ki Ramza-e-Adaat bhi khulain

    Fikr yun hay, keh Hosh ata hay, josh jata hay,
    Ai’ay Assembly kay, dasterkhawan pay chalain
    Rafay Kashmiri

  5. Qais zahoor says:

    I call this unique person uncle Anwar Masood.I learnt his poem by heart but na hova ain ka aandaz naseeb