ATP Quiz: What List Is This?

Posted on June 8, 2008
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Adil Najam

First, a request: Some of you may have seen this picture recently; if you have, please DO NOT ANSWER just yet. Wait just a little while. Let’s see if those who have not seen the original picture can guess this one. Please, and thank you!Now, a confession: Had I not seen the original picture I would never have been able to guess this. And there are plenty of reasons why I should.

Next, the question: This is a list of eight people who have held a certain high office. What office is that? Where is this list (plaque) displayed?

Finally, an important hint: This is a complete list. The first person on this list is the very first person ever to have held this office?

Again, before you respond. Please do consider our request above.

23 responses to “ATP Quiz: What List Is This?”

  1. Adil Najam says:

    I guess the cat is out of the bag earlier than I thought. It is the “Patron’s List” of the Islamabad Club. Because it is in Islamabad, the President of Pakistan is always the patron.

    I, too, had seen the picture at Metroblog Islamabad last month. I found the list, with the years in office, rather intriguing and thought that the twist that this is not really a list of ALL Presidents (there was no Islamabad at the time of Sikander Mirza, hence he is not there) might make for a nice brain teaser for the history buffs.

    But, of course, what is important about this is really the reminder of where we have been.

  2. Deeda-i-Beena says:

    It is a confusing Quiz. People are commenting but cannot reveal their answer. But some have revealed while others are mum. The Oracle has not spoken yet. I am pretty sure about the answer But my lab azaad nahin hein!!!!!!!
    Uthaa Saaqia Perdah is Raaz Say

  3. Shiraz says:

    Dewana Sahib,
    You are not correct :-) ..lets wait for answers and then we can reply with correct answer..


  4. Shiraz says:

    Per Adil’s request, I am holding my reply as I know what it is :-)

  5. Dewana Phir Say says:

    “Some of you may have seen this picture recently; if you have, please DO NOT ANSWER just yet”

    Ooopps..sorry did not read this. I rarely read article before replying.

    Please delete my comment to maintain fun.

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