ATP Quiz: What List Is This?

Posted on June 8, 2008
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Adil Najam

First, a request: Some of you may have seen this picture recently; if you have, please DO NOT ANSWER just yet. Wait just a little while. Let’s see if those who have not seen the original picture can guess this one. Please, and thank you!Now, a confession: Had I not seen the original picture I would never have been able to guess this. And there are plenty of reasons why I should.

Next, the question: This is a list of eight people who have held a certain high office. What office is that? Where is this list (plaque) displayed?

Finally, an important hint: This is a complete list. The first person on this list is the very first person ever to have held this office?

Again, before you respond. Please do consider our request above.

23 responses to “ATP Quiz: What List Is This?”

  1. ahsan says:


  2. Ersalan says:

    Its something from Islamabad Club. List of patrons in chief or something.

  3. Daktar says:

    The color bit I can understand. Different names are painted at different times and possibly with different quality and shades of paint. But the mystery of missing Ch. Fazl Ellahi is intriguing and worth exploring.

    Does anyone know if it is in the Charter that only Presidents are Patrons, or maybe because ZAB was more of a “Clubbing” type of man. Or, could it be an oversight by the IC itself?

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