Water Conservation in Pakistani Cities

Posted on July 20, 2008
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Owais Mughal

While browsing youtube I came across this very thought provoking documentary on depleting water resources of our cities. Even though the documentary talks about Karachi in specific, the problem of potable water and conservation is equally valid for any other city and town of Pakistan. According to current estimate, Pakistan is world’s 6th most populous country taking over Russia for that spot in 2006. With all this increasing population, lack of development of potable water resources, WATER is set to become the most precious commodity in coming years. It will truly become what in literature, people have been calling ‘aab-e-hayaat’.

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  1. auk says:

    Ahsan, How can you misinterpret, “Do not waste water; Even if you are taking from a big running river”.
    Why are we so worried about misinterpretation, when Islam talks common sense. Why are we leaving Islam to its narrow interpretations by a select few, when we all have heads over our shoulders?
    Also note the spectrum of issues concerning subjects that are only coming to the fore in today’s age, being discussed by Islam 1400 years ago. How can one ignore the beauty of this.

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