The Party is at the Motorway

Posted on July 30, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Our good friend Umar Marwat sends this photo to be shared at ATP. Maintenance crew is seen using construction cones as hats on Motorway M2 (also see here and here). I wish the company who has hired this staff can atleast provide them with decent hats to save themselves from breeze and sun.

Highway Pakistan

Note: You can click on the photo above to see its large size image.

13 responses to “The Party is at the Motorway”

  1. Salams. You guys are ignoring the possibility that the truck might have a number plate but only at the front … (not the back). Regards, Omar

  2. Nawaz Bey says:

    The truck in the picture represents the typical Contractor

  3. Mansoor says:

    While people are commenting on the riders and existence of safety laws, one detail has been missed. The truck does not have any registration number. This means that most probably the truck belongs to a governmental agency. If it belonged to a private enterprise or was a hired one it would probably show some company name or a logo or local art etc. On close scrutiny one can see the material belongs to the Motorway itself. The machinery is most probably a mobile generator for welding. The material is clearly the one used on motorway for low ‘fences’ (suggest a better word here). Additionally the truck may be carrying poles.

    Few national organizations, besides MNCs, probably do have and follow safety laws and practices.

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