In Their Zeal of Painting

Posted on January 3, 2010
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Owais Mughal

To avoid being victim of a street crime, Pakistanis have come up with a simple solution. Barriers are put across residential streets and security guards sit next to them.

But these new structures are also prime opportunities for advertising, voluntary or not.

I saw the chair shown above while walking in a neighborhood street and took this photo. It belongs to a security guard who sits next to a street security barrier.

The political party which has ‘monopoly of votes’ in this area – in their zeal of showing complete political superiority – also painted poor guard’s plastic chair in their party colors. From the choice of three colors done on this chair, one can easily tell which political party it is.

Should we be rest assured that painting the barriers and guard chairs in political party colors will keep bad guys away?

7 responses to “In Their Zeal of Painting”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    The reason I got stuck with this plastic chair and took the photo was to appreciate the ‘jazba‘ (zeal/passion) that must’ve went behind painting it :) It made me smile and it made me wonder ‘why would someone do that?’ at the same time.

    Note how the painter has made a small patch of ‘red’ in the front of the chair. The rear leg also seem to be painted red. Also note how top of the chair has a bit of ‘green’. I tried to imagine the color ‘formula’ that must’ve gone through painter’s head while painting the details here and I thought this is a photo worth taking.

  2. Eraj Danish says:

    good one. These people are the bravest I suppose. A time in which extremism has hit our country hard. The security people are on the frontline as I would like to say. I praise them for doing their duties and yea I like the painting too ;) Good post.

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