Pakistan’s Ruling Coalition Parts Ways: PML(N) to Sit in Opposition

Posted on August 25, 2008
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Adil Najam

Not unexpectedly, the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group) or PML(N) has decided to withdraw from the ruling coalition. Former Prime Minister and PML(N) leader Nawaz Sharif announced the expected breakup to a press conference citing irreconcilable differences on the Judges Restoration issue with the PPP and it’s leader Asid Ali Zardari. The PML(N) had already removed itself from the cabinet on the same issue.

The PML(N) leader also announced former Chief Justice Saeeduzaman Siddiqui as it’s Presidential candidate to oppose Asif Ali Zardari.

The move was not unexpected following the coalitions success in removing Gen Musharraf from the Presidency. The hope now would be that this might lead to a strong and active parliamentary opposition. However, the fear and the likelihood is that greater political bickering and instability will follow leading Pakistan politics into even more political brinksmanship.

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  1. WHAT IF says:

    What if Zardari comes in as President and then dismantales all the powers the President has accumulated and turns it back into the ceremonial office it was supposed to be. I am not saying it will happen. But what if. Sometimes you need a man like Zardari in office to clean up all the problems that men like Zardari will not let you clean when they are not in office.

  2. Dr. Fehmida says:

    I think Farrukh Saleem makes a really good case in The News. Here is his article:


    Can anyone name a Pakistani soul who has more votes in our presidential electoral college than does Mr Asif Ali Zardari? To be certain, presidential-hopeful Zardari is a product of a process

  3. RAZA says:

    I think all of you are worrying too much.

    The main problem of Pakistan, military rule, has now been removed. Thsi coalition is not last long but that is OK. Hopefully we can have another election soon and then move on with the work of democracy.

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ It is not at all easy for any democrate to sit
    next to the fanatic militants of PPP which is less of
    a Political party than ,” Shaheedan da Tabbar ” feudals
    big mouths, just watch politician’s discussions of PTV
    Geo TV etc etc. PPP’s religious fanatism is obvious and

  5. Usman says:

    Here i UK, a newspaper published report from Zardari’s GP where he claimed he is mentally unstable because of years f captivity in pakistan.

    (He probably lied to get stay in UK.)

    If he becomes president then alot of people who read this will believe that pakistanies are mentally retarted to choose a mentally unstable President!

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