ATP Poll: Will the PPP-PML(N) Coalition Survive?

Posted on May 5, 2008
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Adil Najam

A number of our commenters have been suggesting that the honeymoon between PPP and PML(N) – or, more specifically, between Asif Ali Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif– will not last. That the “judges issue” will bring the demise of this coalition.

While one has been hearing such talk from the inception of the coalition, I myself am not sure. And by that I mean, I really do not know. In many ways it is a new Asif Zardari and a new Nawaz Sharif. Whatever views we have of them are, by definition, rooted in experiences that not only happened quite long ago but also in very very different circumstances. This is a very different time, a very different situation, a very different game. This is not to say that I think the coalition will, in fact, survive either the judicial crisis or other crises to come. It is merely to say – bluntly and honestly – that I really do not know.

And because I do not, maybe it is best to ask our readers what they think.

Hence, this APT Poll (its also been quite some time since the last one). Let us know what you think.

28 responses to “ATP Poll: Will the PPP-PML(N) Coalition Survive?”

  1. Daktar says:

    Maybe events will trump your Poll and prove the majority wrong. Most newspapers in Pakistan seem to be saying the the coalition may be about to be over, at least formally PML may leave the cabinet.

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Adil Najam,

    Tight rope walk, which side will they fall ?

    @NS might be betrayed again & again,
    as for cementing coalition with MQM, does
    Zarbhutts realizes that the quality of ” cement ”
    is not reliable ? or if assuming ,
    MQM will accept the orbit zone of PPP satelite ?
    Altaf is desperate indeed, looking for ” safeguard” to
    ensure his return to Karachi ? where he is awaited with
    enormous tenderness.

    but I think I should stay with my ” Tajzia”
    Zarbhutts are going towards a posssible disaster, the solid
    card “Aitizaz” being invalid !!

    In Punjabi langauge there is a beautiful proverb,

    ” Rab danga’n nei maarda, dendah matt no maar ”

    May be for third option, get rid of PCO’s shadow, come out
    in the daylight. Sanp bhi mar jaiy aur lathi bhi ne…………

  3. Yaqoob Hassan says:

    Zardari is cementing his coalition with MQM so that if he needs to drop Nawaz then he can do that easily

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