ATP Poll: Will the PPP-PML(N) Coalition Survive?

Posted on May 5, 2008
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Adil Najam

A number of our commenters have been suggesting that the honeymoon between PPP and PML(N) – or, more specifically, between Asif Ali Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif– will not last. That the “judges issue” will bring the demise of this coalition.

While one has been hearing such talk from the inception of the coalition, I myself am not sure. And by that I mean, I really do not know. In many ways it is a new Asif Zardari and a new Nawaz Sharif. Whatever views we have of them are, by definition, rooted in experiences that not only happened quite long ago but also in very very different circumstances. This is a very different time, a very different situation, a very different game. This is not to say that I think the coalition will, in fact, survive either the judicial crisis or other crises to come. It is merely to say – bluntly and honestly – that I really do not know.

And because I do not, maybe it is best to ask our readers what they think.

Hence, this APT Poll (its also been quite some time since the last one). Let us know what you think.

28 responses to “ATP Poll: Will the PPP-PML(N) Coalition Survive?”

  1. Azeem says:

    I think it will last as long as Musharraf is there then it will collapse

  2. a-woman says:

    In the past, Zardari had made five appearances before CJ Choudhry and was pronounced guilty before him. So its no wonder that Zardari is in no hurry to free him.

    It is also very likely that once the CJ is restored, Zardari may not be able to reap favors for himself like he does now from Justice Dogar. Justice Dogar upheld NRO and removed the requirement of graduation for him to contest election to the National Assembly.

    I hope for the sake of this country that they remain united atleast until Musharraf is out of the scene.

  3. anon says:

    Were major political parties such as PML(N) and JI etc involved in funding bombings in Pakistan to undermine the previous governments and Musharraf before the elections.

  4. meengla says:

    @Babar, has made a good point about NS being confrontational.
    Also, what is being under-reported and very-largly unacknowledged is the role of BB between Oct. 18 2007 and Dec. 27 2007: She managed to land in Pakistan on the basis of presumed legal cover of the NRO. Yet she did not waste much time in betraying Musharraf; the latter is on record to have said something to the effect: “We have allowed her to come back as part of a national reconciliation but she is constantly in confrontational mode”. BB took advantage of a ‘political space’ that enabled even NS to be able to come back to Pakistan only weeks after NS was illegally kicked out of Pakistan.

    What made the huge concession to NS possible?

    Also, it is no secret that NS wanted to boycott elections and had actually announced a boycott but changed his stance after his meeting with BB.

    The above 2 points are historic facts and happened within only last few months. The role of the PPP and especially BB in bringing NS to the fore is very strong. Without the above 2 NS would be forced to (illegally) stay in Suroor Palace for a little more.

    The judges issue cannot be reduced to NS being ‘principled’ or AZ being scared of the NRO. AZ has survived 8+ years of real prison under very hostile regimes and can certainly count on the current regime to make any prison stay far more bearable. Similarly, I am certain that NS has his main agenda of showing Musharraf the door in the nastiest possible way. And to NS a fully restored judiciary is the best shortcut to that goal.

    Having said what I say above. I still don’t know the real reasons why the PPP is ambiguous about the judges issue. PPP is the party which, starting Nusrat Bhutto versus the State case, got the least justice from the pliant judiciary of the yester years and so the independence of the judiciary is PPP’s strength. But I am certain it is not some NRO which is the main reason for PPP’s ambiguity. Perhaps this is all a smoke screen to keep the presidency confused? Perhaps a precondition from foreign ‘donor’ countries to let Musharraf be? Perhaps to defang Musharraf first? We will find out soon!

  5. Qudsia says:

    It is clear that just postponing the issue will not help. Some clear decision on judges is needed soon.

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