ATP Poll: What Lies in Gen. Musharraf’s Future?

Posted on June 1, 2008
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Adil Najam

What lies in Gen. Musharraf's Future?Noises drenched in that uniquely Pakistani mix of rumor, spin, speculation, and analysis suggest that something is afoot in Army House, Rawalpindi. Some suggest that spurred from the US as well as the new political dispensation in Pakistan, but largely because of their own accord, the military leadership is finally ready to ease Gen. Musharraf not only out of Army House, but also out of the Presidency. Official spokesmen, of course, deny this vehemently. Which, given that this is Pakistan, adds an added layer of authenticity to the rumors.

It is time, once again, to wonder what lies in the future of Pakistan.

Although October 2007 now feels like another era, we had asked some similar questions then. At that point we had wondered about the future of Pakistan’s politics (for the next year) in light of the possibility of Gen. Musharraf doffing his uniform. Our readers’ responses had been mostly on the mark – most of you had predicted a year of increased political turbulence and a curtailing of Gen. Musharraf’s influence. Of course, the year is not up yet and anything could well happen between now and October 2008.

The Future of Pakistan's politics

The record of our readers in the last ATP Poll we did – on the future of the PML(N)-PPP coalition – was a little less stellar. Most had thought that the coalition would weather the judicial storm. As it turned out, the coalition fell even before the Poll ended.

So, what do you think lies in Gen. Musharraf’s future between now and October 2008. Has anything changed since the last poll? What? Do vote and do share your views in the comments section.

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  1. Mike Harris says:

    Seems like your readers knew even back then what was coming in story for President Musharraf!

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