Unbeatable Garam Anday

Posted on December 9, 2008
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Asma Mirza

Garam Aanday When I saw this delicious picture of Murgh Yakhni and boiled eggs set to allure people, my memories went back to childhood train travels. Before the buses invaded Islamabad-Lahore route, traveling by trains, stopping at every station, enjoying the typical chanting of vendors was part of every child’s life.

The most interesting of all these voices would be the shrilly one, “GARAM AANDAY LE LO” (Have Warm Boiled Eggs). And the pleasure of eating those warm boiled eggs (with no fear of cholesterol and calories) was entirely unmatchable. Now when I see back, I miss that punjabi street delicacy in my life. I’m afraid the slightly newer generation is not even aware of its existence. Gradually, soups took over the place of decades old simple delights.

Have you eaten Garam Aanday just like that in chilly winters? Any Garam Aanday reminiscences from your life you want to share with us?

Image Courtesy: Dawn

20 responses to “Unbeatable Garam Anday”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    Shams, nicely written. enjoyed reading your comment

  2. dr butt says:

    All ganday anday 4 leaders of today…throw on them,,guys!

  3. dr butt says:

    gandy andy bhi kafi mil jatay hain…
    Allama iqbal said..
    “nae tehzeeb kay anday hain ganday.”

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