Posted on December 13, 2008
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58 responses to “Indian Planes in Pakistani Airspace: Pressure Tactics?”

  1. Nawaz says:

    I just hope that better sense will prevail and this nonsense blame game will end

  2. Babar says:

    @ Meengla
    My contentions are based on simple cost based analysis. I am all for strong conventional defence. Cause it is nonetheless much more cost effective (in terms of burden on economy, human lives etc. etc.) than being occupied and fighting in the streets. But in case of nukes the same balance is overwhelmingly tilted towards fighting in the streets.

  3. meengla says:

    I fully agree with your contention about Pakistan to NEVER use the nukes against India. Admiteddly, at one point I thought that, should Lahore or some other major cities be about to be taken up then a ‘small’ and ‘tactical’ nuke could be used on advancing Indian army. But I don’t subscribe to that anymore.

    Coming back to this topic.

    As expected, no one can be sure if India actually did violate Pakistan’s airspace. My educated -guess- is that India did. I also think that, having some Westerners (especially the high profile killing of Israelis) killed may have actually emboldened India to make the ‘surgical strike’. The Israeli Army Chief was officially reported in Kashmir in recent days and so dots have to connect.

    We Pakistanis should really, really, REALLY purge overselves of the so-called Mujahideen even in the event of a war against India.

    PS. Sorry for this disjointed post. I am having problem connecting the dots because I am finding it hard to focus on the canvas as the ‘fog of war’ engulfs us…