Traveling in Style: What Are They Thinking

Posted on February 14, 2009
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Adil Najam

This Associated Press picture from Emilio Morenatti of two goats (or is it sheep?) being carried at the back of a motorcycle on a road on the outskirts of Islamabad is quite funny. Although not as funny as the Eid Bakra post we carried earlier, here.

One wonders what the cast of characters is thinking. Maybe you can help us here. What might the guy at the back carrying the goat be thinking to himself? Or the driver of the motorcycle? And what about the goat; what thoughts might be passing through its mind? And, finally, what do you think the person in the car from which the photograph was taken is thinking as he sees this? Any thoughts?

Emilio Morenatti’s pictures tend to be thought provoking as well as interesting and we have created multiple ATP posts around them (here, here, here). Thank you, Emilio.

16 responses to “Traveling in Style: What Are They Thinking”

  1. Ghazanfar says:

    Bakra is saying t bike driver, “faster, faster… lets beat this car!”

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