Posted on May 2, 2009
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15 responses to “Shaikhupura and Hiran Minar”

  1. hunny says:

    hello guys….. i’m hunny verma from india.. this is my grandfather’s birthplace.. and he is exactly from feroz watwan-sheikhupura.. i wanna know about that place.. is any body here who is from feroz watwan?????????? or atleast who can share the pictures of feroz watwan????? i’ll be very thankful to him… if any generous buddy can help me than add me on facebook my id is
    thank you.. :))

  2. Iftikhar Siddiqi says:

    We are planning to visit Hiran Minar. Can someone tell if the pond is still full of water as in the pictures? What attractions are there if we drive from Lahore?

  3. B Singh says:

    Great article and well written! I Have visited Pakistan many times, and artciles such as this makes one want to go again. As a Sikh in the UK, I feel the true Punjab is in Pakistan and it is traditionally preserved!

  4. PMA says:

    Just a trivia. The famous Shahi Mahalla of Lahore is also known as Mahalla Shekhupurian! Of course Shekhu was a nickname of Prince Salim who along with his courtiers regularly patronized the courtesans of Shahi Mahalla.

  5. sacre vache says:

    I don’t think it was the Sikhs who changed the name from Jehangirabad to Sheikhupura – it was always known as Sheikhupura. The Emperor Akbar’s nickname for his son Salim was ‘Sheikhu’ (after Sheikh Salim Chishti, who has forecast the birth of Salim).