Solar Eclipse is No Cure for Jahalat

Posted on July 22, 2009
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Adil Najam

We have used the ‘Jahalat‘ caption before in headlines (here, here and here). It is time to do so again.

This picture is from PPI and the caption reads:

“A physically paralyzed girl lies half-buried in sand at the banks of river Indus. Local mythology suggests burying paralyzed children in sand and exposing them to solar eclipse helps overcome paralysis.”

Need one say more!

I guess even a solar eclipse is no cure for jahalat.

68 responses to “Solar Eclipse is No Cure for Jahalat”

  1. harOON says:

    “occult science”??????
    Are you serious????
    Jahalat, indeed!

  2. There are practices more bizarre than the one mentioned above which have cured people. People should avoid calling things jahalat without knowledge in occult science.

  3. ASAD says:

    This is a more extreme case, but the same jahalat at work of pirs fakirs. FROM DAWN EDITORIAL:

    “The murder in Bahawalnagar of a five-year-old boy by his own father cannot fail to shock. Accused of slitting his son

  4. Illogical Science says:

    After reading all the comments, I think the author was trying to convey the type of jahaliat that Dr. Qaiser has described in his comments – where the parents took of their child from medical treatment and put her on unconventional methods on the advice of their relatives and Alim sahab…..
    HOWEVER… the method the author chose is really distasteful and totally against journalistic ethics, where he puts a family in distress in public critisim with out finding out the facts that whether they are doing the same thing that the esteemed Dr. Qaser has described in his comments. What the author could have done is tell an anonymous true story like Dr. Qaiser did and let the people figure it out. But please don’t rub it (salt) to the broken hearted parents.
    I do not support the actions of the parents that Dr.Qaiser has mentioned… I DO SUPPORT the parents that will do anything and everything to save/cure their child. I am a parent and if I am in that situation I will do anything, even if a maulvi says that I need to stand on my head from dawn to dusk in public with barely any clothes reciting some thing…. I will do it… (well I might not do it but I will seriously consider it as an option depending on the situation… I am just giving an example people!). What I will NOT do is never take of my child off from the medical treatment. Esteemed Dr. Qaiser said it all… keep continuing the medical treatment and do whatever else you want. If the aalim sahab says to stop the medical treatment or he charges you… then he is 2 number, get rid of him.
    I guess by now Dr.Qaiser might have guessed that I am a fan of him :) However I have seen a lot of bad doctors as well…. and thats another story.

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