ATP Poll: Who Did the Most Harm to Pakistan?

Posted on August 17, 2009
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Adil Najam

The obvious and logical followup to our last ATP Poll is to now ask the question: which of our leaders did the most harm to Pakistan? A number of readers suggested, and we agree, that such a poll should be conducted. We ask only that you please respond to the question with the same care with which it has been structured.

As we had done in the last poll, we have structured the question carefully to focus only the harm that these leaders might have caused (all leaders do bad things as well as good, some more and some less).

Please focus on the negative actions these leaders were themselves responsible for, and not as much on things that might have been out of their own control.

The Question: Focusing primarily on what you consider ‘negative’ actions taken  by them during their stint(s) in power, who, amongst the following, do you think did the most ‘harm’ to Pakistan?

As others have suggested, it is not at all necessary that those who got the most votes for doing ‘good’ will automatically get least votes for doing ‘harm.’ Since we have been asking people to focus only on one or the other, it is not entirely impossible that the same person is deemed to have done a lot of good as well as a lot of harm; albeit by a different set of voters – in a society as divided as Pakistan this is not just possible, but even likely.

As in the last poll, the current leadership is not included (although we did conduct a poll grading them recently) and only those whose tenure is now behind us are included, from Ayub Khan onwards. As before, for Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif consider the combined impact of two stints they each had in power. Do also please tell us which of their actions you think had the most harmful and lasting impacts on Pakistan’s well-being as a nation.

We eagerly await your views on this, in the poll as well as in the comments.

65 responses to “ATP Poll: Who Did the Most Harm to Pakistan?”

  1. talat says:

    The person who did most harm to Pakistan, in my view, is Z.A. Bhutto, who was instrumental in break-up of the country and converting the constitution of the remaining one into a ‘takfiri fatwah’, killing the soul and the spirit of Jinnah’s Pakistan by creating a Bhutto’s, so called, ‘New Pakistan’.

    Besides, the harm done by others could be remedied, but the one done by ZAB, being a sheer murder of the spirit of Jinnah’s Pakistan, might, I am afraid, make the country share his own fate in history.

  2. fazal wadood says:

    there is no rashion

  3. Baba Jee says:

    The person who did the most damage to Pakistan is no doubt General Zia ul Haq (late). But here i would like to add that every pakistani President committed some kind of a blunder during his tenure in office…which had directly affected the lifes of many common people in Pakistan

  4. Imtiaz says:

    Very timely and well-conceived poll. A good question and something we should all think of.

  5. Baqir Sajjad says:

    And where is Zardari in this poll?

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