Posted on September 25, 2009
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5 responses to “Coke Studio Selections: Worth a Listen”

  1. Haroon says:

    So happy to see that good music is alive and well in Pakistan/

    This is really really good stuff.

    the piece by javed bashir is my favorite. It is truly amazing and shows his real mastery.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. shoaib says:

    Recently I stumbled upon ustad Shafqat Ali Khan’s songs.I can not stop listening his songs. In MHO he is one of the best male vocalist.
    He is son of ustad Salamat ALi khan NOT Amanat ali khan.


  3. Nostalgic says:

    For the second year running, it is Ali Zafar that surprised the most… it is so frustrating that his albums are so full of cheesy bubblegum (now that is a disgusting flavor if ever there was one) pop, when he can come up with the sort of gems he has come up with on Coke Studio… his Season 1 songs were great too, especially his collaboration with Saien Tufail Ahmed…

    Perhaps next year Rohail Hyatt will make sure that acts like Josh aren’t invited to the show… they were well below the level of the rest of the performers… Shafqat Amanat Ali and Strings were nothing special either, and Ustaad Riaz Ali Khan’s composition didn’t do him justice…

    Looking forward to Season 3!